Zombie Outlaw


created by Benny Jordan/Brian Apodaca

From the moment I first picked up a copy of Zombie Outlaw, I was sold. The Bubba Ho-Tep-esque combination of cowboy outlaw western and undead zombie attack is right up my alley. The plot is straightforward, without a whole lot of chunky backstory to gum up a simplistic formula (zombie + western + endowed woman = comic book gold).

A love-struck nerd helps his charming resident adviser unknowingly release the curse of an undead outlaw on their college campus. Simple enough to get the point across without dragging on, yet still mysterious enough to leave room for development in future issues. The back and forth between hyper-cartoonish line art and more detailed horror-art style helps keep the comic visually interesting as well. Posters and signs in the background hold witty captions to reward those who spend the extra time to appreciate the little things. Such nuggets almost act as speed bumps to grab your attention, especially during fast-paced action sequences. Even in the thick of it all, take the time to really digest the artwork.

Between issues one and two, the art style becomes more refined, which the author notes at the beginning. Characters change, details become more prominent, female characters become more top-heavily proportioned, etc. With characters sporting massive Popeye forearms and women reminiscent of Normal St. Bar ads, Zombie Outlaw is blatantly “just for fun” from the start. Hopefully there will be more of this brand new comic in the future.

Tommy Diestel can't remember life without music and writing. He began writing for the Synthesis at the ripe age of 19, and aspires to be a life-long writer.