The World Needs More Feminist Shoemakers, And Less Of These 12 Heinous Foods

These are in no particular order, although if you pushed me to pick my #1 most despised food it would likely be a tie between Balut and Uni. Oh gawd, that just made me think of eating the two of them together. Excuse me for a moment while I run for the sink.

1. Spam. It’s Squirrels, Possum, And Mice. Ew.

2. Potted meat. What the eff is this stuff anyways?

3. Sweaty wieners (um, hot dogs) in the snack bar at Target. How long have they been languishing and sweating on that rack there? Nobody knows the answer to that question.

4. Fois gras. It may be considered a delicacy by some and it may even be delicious, but I can’t get past the fact that it’s a fattened duck liver.

5. Jello. It is so jiggly, wiggly and unnatural. Gross.

6. Bull/Ox penis. I don’t care what Andrew Zimmerman says, that revolting thing will NOT be on a plate in front of me. Like, ever.

7. Balut. Soft boiled duck fetus, still in the egg. It’s a fairly common street food in the Philippines. Yes, I am Filipino, but that just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

8. Barely cooked whites on a fried egg. You know what I mean: when the whites are still wet, runny and slimy and look like mucous. Disgusting.

9. Uni. Sea urchin gonads. With a texture resembling firm custard. I don’t need to go any further, do I?

10. Pickled chicken feet. Don’t Google it. Just…don’t. Learn from my mistakes, people.

11. Head Cheese. Jellied meat dish made from the boiled head of a calf or pig. Nope.

12. Pig’s Feet. Enough said.

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