Women (amirite?), a Fond Farewell, and a Warm Welcome

Welcome to what may be the most serious and close-to-my-heart issue we’ve ever put together. The suffering of sexual assault, the struggle to maintain dignity when faced with harassment, and the difficulty of navigating the minefield of women’s health resources are all things that have touched the lives of so many women I know and love—a shocking amount of them, really.

We have this tendency, maybe it’s an instinct we’ve evolved through so many generations of abuse, to absorb the fallout when these bombs explode. We make excuses for the aggressors, hide the truth from our loved ones, we make martyrs of ourselves because the emotional world inside of us seems like a safer battlefield than the outside world. Until it happens to someone we know, then we want action, then we want change. Our hope with this issue is to add tinder to that fire, shed light in those dark places, and maybe help just one person to realize they’re not alone.

This week is also the last of an era. For the past eight months, we’ve been blessed with the talents of Entertainment Editor Alex Light. He’s been a driving force in bringing Synthesis back to our music-oriented roots, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the work he’s put in.

Entertainment editing is more than the sum of its parts. I don’t mean that there’s a mystical quality to it, I mean that it’s a job that sounds a lot simpler than it really winds up being. Between researching the calendar, fielding the barrage of emails, organizing all that information, deciding what to cover, contacting bands, and promoters, and venues, and writers, and writing Best Bets, and dealing with all the people who feel snubbed, and co-editing copy, and learning Indesign, and WordPress, and maintaining enough of a life to stay connected to the scene… After a while it can become crazy stressful trying to keep it all in order. I know it all too well, that job chewed me up like secondhand gum.

Long story short, Alex has decided that all this runaround is for the birds, so he’s simplifying his role here and going back to just being a writer again—and I have to say I’m genuinely happy for him. Happy and a little jealous, but most of all glad he’s going to continue doing what he loves and sharing his talents with the world. Thanks for everything, Alex; you did a great job!

Which means some change is coming, yet again. Don’t be scared though, change is what really makes Synthesis what it is, the way we shift influences and perspectives, shift balance and connection to the world around us. This next phase will be different in unpredictable, if subtle ways, but we’ll always be obnoxious.

After some consideration, I’ve decided that burning out another Entertainment Editor with a tangled mess of a job description doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s time to switch things up. So, the big exciting news is that we’re bringing more voices into the room, more energy and stimulation and protection against bad ideas, and hopefully it will all go really smoothly and I won’t freak out because this is all happening three weeks before the wedding. (!) 

Starting next week, our new Entertainment Editor will be the indomitable and vivacious Arielle Mullen, and rounding out our team as Associate Editor, we’ll be bringing in the funny and brilliant Emiliano Garcia-Sarnoff.

Wish them luck.

Managing Editor for Synthesis Weekly. Amy likes to make clothes, plant flowers, and chase butterflies.