Wide-Eyed Walker

It isn’t often you meet someone who is internationally recognized, yet remarkably unknown. Seth Walker has spent the last five years performing poetry nationwide. He sat down with the Synthesis to talk shop about his latest tour and upcoming stop through Chico.

You’re the fourth top slam poet in the world. How did you get this title?

So what happens is there’s this thing called the Individual World Poetry Slam and it’s actually an international competition. I was the top poet in Denver, and when I took fourth place I was representing Denver, CO. This year there was 87 or so poets, and the top 12 go on to the final stage. I made it to the final four.

So it’s not like Afro Samurai, where you have to kill whoever has the first, second, and third place headbands?

Oh no, I actually broke the fifth place poet’s legs. They weren’t able to compete and that’s how I got into the final round.

It’s good to know there’s still some dirty tricks involved to get the to top, even in the poetry world. What separates this tour from others you’ve done?

During my last tour I was on the road for five calendar years. It was maddening to say the least, but I wouldn’t take any of it back. Now I’m trying to switch into a different phase of touring. Just go out for a few months, then come back home and try to maintain a bit of sanity, which is really nice. Even though I’ve been out traveling, it’s really nice knowing that this tour will end. I know where and when it will end and I’ll even have a home to go back to.

Why call this the “I Love Haters Tour”?

All throughout history there have been haters. If it doesn’t have controversy, it doesn’t have longevity. Whether you’re thinking of philosophers, or scientists, the ones that broke through had as much hate mail as fan mail. Really, every good idea is rejected before it is accepted. All of us have had things in our careers where people gave us shit about the political stance we took, or the way we expressed ourselves.

Who are your new partners in crime you’re traveling with?

Jordan Rant and Patrick Ohslund are two amazing guys! The I Love Haters Tour is going to be so great because it has a great mix of personalities. They’ll get poetry, comedy, varying degrees of facial hair…everything you would want out of an entertainment show! You won’t have a bad time. Promise!

Don’t miss the I Love Haters Tour featuring Seth Walker, Jordan Ranft, and Patrick Ohslund next Monday, April 29th at Cafe Flo. Open Mic Poetry starts at 7PM, costs $3, and welcomes all ages.

Tommy Diestel can't remember life without music and writing. He began writing for the Synthesis at the ripe age of 19, and aspires to be a life-long writer.