We’re Srs Bznss This Week

Let’s talk about food poisoning. Come to find out, it’s actually real and not just some mystery ailment I used to make up to get out of work for a few days. After surviving food poisoning over the weekend, I limped into work to find Dain the Smarmy Internet Dude eating a giant sack of bloody-looking lunchmeat. Waving it around in all its glistening glory as my stomach lurched in memory of the tortured days I spent questioning my humanity and wondering whether or not my hiney would ever be ok again. But, to his credit, when he’s not swinging around bags of beef, Dain is hard at work getting our website up and running. We’re adding content and slowly getting things posted, and eventually it will give all of you a chance to interact directly with the authors of your favorite columns and features. We’ll be cross-posting articles and columns from the website to facebook to help you find us. (synthesisweekly.com) Unity in the community!

Speaking of facebook, I hope you’re all enjoying the videos of the City Council roundtable forum facebook.com/chicoca and that you’re getting some clear insight about which city council member’s sign is going to take up prized real estate on your lawn until November. Bob Howard continues our patriotic theme this month with a unique report from, of all places, the Donut Nook at the crack of dawn.

Also, we have a new columnist debuting this week, Evan Billman. He’ll be writing occasionally about the cycling scene here in Chico, feel free to email with questions and maybe he’ll get a chance to answer some of them in his columns. Matt Olson, another new writer, brings us some next level information about community sharing, bartering and the tech that’s making it more accessible. We’re wicked smaht this week, right? And gorgeous! Nolan gives us an interview with the arty ingénues behind Chikoko. So feast your eyes and follow our links, don’t be shy, but don’t be a jerk, and beware thy sandwich that has been sitting in the case all day for it may come back to haunt you like a thousand poltergeists rearranging chairs in your guts.


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