Wanderers and Wolves: Down in the Water

Wanderers and Wolves—featuring Gabriel Reyes on bass and vocals, Joe Stone on drums, and Christian Crandall on guitar—have been around for about a year now, and wasted no time in recording a solid rock EP at Origami Lounge titled Down in the Water. It just came out last week. Allow me to break it down track by track:

“Down in the Water”: The title track crashes in with all the noise, splashing cymbals and hard drums against a wall of bass and guitar, then opens up space for greasy vocals to slide in, talking about panties and stuff; it sits deep in the clutches of a dirty couch at a late ‘70s basement party, bathed in cocaine and black light. The dominant riff sways like a drunk wandering off into the bushes looking for a good place to piss, but then they run into some people who get them talking about sweet vans with carpeted interiors.

“Over and Over”: The vibe lifts on the second track, but in a dizzy, manic sort of way. We’re in that kick-ass van now, driving way too fast through deserted neighborhoods at midnight, still have to piss, slowing to drift through a stop sign here and there, then barrelling out into the open country on the edge of town.

“Sit Down”: The third track rolls—it tumbles over and over like a shopping cart full of flaming tallboy boxes that you pushed off a cliff into the ocean. This is the best night of your fucking life, and you throw up everywhere without any shame and commence to throwing empty beer cans after the burning wreckage.

“Only Already”: By the fourth song you’re rocking an empty stomach and a second wind, and you hit the road again. You’re a little off kilter and out of control at this point, but everything keeps moving at full speed—propelled by the momentum of two tons of steel and a bitchin mural of a viking chick riding a polar bear.

“Fear and Framing”: The final track comes in unexpectedly buoyant and poppy, bouncing like a beach ball on the edge of whatever it was you were trying to say just now. Then, suddenly, it slips into dreamy nostalgia, telling the people you just met how much you’ve always loved them—how they’re what it’s all about, man. Fade to black.

Check out a few songs from Wanderers and Wolves new EP, Down in the Water, at wanderersandwolves.bandcamp.com, and marvel at the accuracy of this review

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