Walking Dead Nerd Rage

With every passing season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it seems there are always new developments that have message boards aflame with the special caliber of hot, fiery rage that only nerds and sports fans can muster. After a mega-successful first season, Frank Darabont stepped down as director, and reports are still mixed as to the cause of his departure. The official statement hinted that he was unable to adjust to the schedule of running a television series, but The Hollywood Reporter claimed Darabont was fired as a result of “disputes over planned budget cuts and executive meddling.” In season two, executive producer Glen Mazzara stepped up to fill Darabont’s shoes, and new writers were hired; resulting in what was by all accounts, a really terrible and frustrating season.

However, season three saw the show redeemed thanks to a new writing staff and the introduction of new characters, including fan-favorite Michonne.  The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that current director Mazzara is leaving the series. Fans are understandably upset, mostly about the official statement released by AMC. It states, “Both parties acknowledge that there is a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward and conclude that it is best to part ways.”

Most fans (me included) are translating this to mean that the higher-ups were uncomfortable about the amount of gut-wrenching gore, and want the show to ease it back a bit. I wonder though – what was the straw that broke the zombie camel’s back? Was it the scene when Laurie’s baby is cut out of her, then she’s shot in the head by her own son? If so, then I’d ask them to refer to the comic, in which what happens to Laurie (and the baby) is infinitely more fucked up.

In other news, do you guys remember that movie Fanboys? The one where the group of friends makes a pilgrimage of sorts to sneak into Lucas Ranch to help their terminally ill friend try to watch The Phantom Menace before it’s officially released to the public? Well, in that way that happens sometimes, life is imitating art. Topless Robot ran a story about an email they’d received which read, “I have a friend dying of cancer and all he wants is to see the Star Trek Into Darkness preview, anyway you could repost this and help get the word out?”

Reddit has more information about the sick individual who’s apparently had a real bummer of a time lately with his health. In an addendum to the story later that day, Topless Robot reported a follow up email from the same woman stating that JJ Abrams had contacted her and was “trying to work something out”. Well played nerds, well played.

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