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SynMedia: Taking your social media from Blasé to Bad-Ass


SynMedia, a Chico-based digital marketing agency, is taking the online world by storm. With over 20 years in digital media, this incredibly vibrant company is led by visionary and social icon Bill Fishkin, and is transforming the way companies connect with their audiences online.

Nestled in the quaint part of town known as SOPO (South of the Post Office), this high-energy office specializes in Social Media management, Web/Mobile App development and Content/Online Promotions. This small office of 18, led by the effervescent Fishkin, is making big waves in the media industry. With clients ranging from huge Vegas productions, a cable channel, prestigious Bay Area properties, Las Vegas restaurants, international retailers, and the biggest mall in the country, SynMedia is tasked daily to drive business, put heads in beds, fill tables and move merchandise.  And, they’re doing it above and beyond client expectations.


Beyond their distinguished list of clientele and advanced level of expertise, the office itself is a magical wonderland. Upon entering their second-story loft, you suddenly find yourself smitten and in sensory heaven. The walls are painted in rich, robust colors, and are filled with Fishkin’s vast collection of original lithographs and artwork—many of them signed by the likes of Jack Johnson and Henry Rollins. The open floor plan includes a pool table, a movie-viewing area, vintage arcade games and more—all to provide a welcome respite during a day of moving at breakneck speeds. It’s evident that this company is doing something right. During our visit, phones were ringing, several Google hangouts were in session, and the level of buzz and excitement was palpable. Chico is incredibly lucky to have such a business in our midst.

We think they’re pretty Ah-mazing, and recommend them for all of your online marketing needs. And we’re not just saying that because they pay us to.


Muffy Steele 

Steele & Muff Real Estate 

Esplanade Chico, CA

real estate agent

First of all, I’m a tiger. I am a ferocious, man-eating, house-selling machine. I’ve been an agent in Chico for 25 years, and I can tell you that it is so much more than selling a house. It’s selling an experience, a memory, or sometimes I sell you a barn. A tiger barn! You don’t get to be Agent of the Year without stealing a few pieces of mail out of neighborhood mailboxes, listening below bedroom windows, or bribing bankruptcy lawyers for the inside track on all those foreclosures. When you hire Muffy Steele, you know that you’re getting a ferocious tiger. My hair even has stripes for added selling-tiger-power!






Chef Jacques McConnell

Jack’s Family Restaurant

Downtown Chico

chef for Jacks

Being open 24 hours is a challenge, but Chef Jacques is a beast. He’s a classically trained French chef with a background in MMA fighting. He knows that when you’re wasted at 4am, your discerning palate needs some Broaster™ chicken. Jacques’ familiarity with broasting technology is a huge boon to the Chico area. This tricky pressure-frying method produces the most delightfully crunchy, juicy, tasty chicken possible. Chef Jacques says, “We are now serving wine at Jack’s, so keep it going; stumble into Jack’s and have a little Chablis with your chicken. If you’re not in the mood for chicken, everything we make is advertised on our windows, so pick something. The waffles are nice.”



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