Synthesis is taking a decidedly grown up turn for the awesome. Between the weekly paper, the website (, and the Life In Chico Facebook page, we’re able to reach more readers than ever. If you’re getting to know the new Synthesis and feel like you could be a contributor, please contact with a writing sample and an idea about your ideal column. What do you want to see? The sky is the limit; we’re hearing all ideas! This is a community paper and we welcome input from the members of our community.

This week our cover story is about the Armed Prohibited Person’s List. After you read it you may be wondering what to do with the information you’ve just absorbed. Contact your local and state legislators and let them know how you feel about depleted resources for law enforcement. Rally to give law enforcement the resources they need to get weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. The APPL is only a list when there aren’t any officers available to work it. And whether or not you’re a card-carrying member of the NRA or you’d be willing to Farenheit 451 every firearm on the face of the Earth, we should all be in agreement that bad guys with guns are a terrible idea.

This week, Bob Howard brings us another installment of his ongoing Local Artist Profile series. This is such a great way to get the heads up on new and emerging local talent – who knows how many groupies we’ll be responsible for creating, but mo’ groupies mo’ betta.

Also, when I hear about Bitcoin, I get a visual of somebody running along a brick wall collecting coins and jumping into the sky with their fist up to catch extra money. I imagine that the way you get Bitcoins is by jumping up and down on a mushroom or by killing enemies and collecting their gold. Though my way sounds a lot more fun, Matt Olson tells us the real story about this alternative currency and whether or not it has a real foothold in the global economy.

And last but not least, we’ve got a debut column from Erica Noel & Jessica Sijan called “Pedal Pushers.” They’re looking for a lot of crowd participation; write in, ask them some questions, start a conversation!

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