Tweed, Logs, and Typey-Typey

Beginning at around 10:30am this Sunday, the 23rd, you’ll see a woolen mob assembling in the downtown plaza. Many of you will recognize it immediately from the in-depth feature we ran last year exploring both the history and the experience of the event (or, you know, from previous years). But some of you will feel scared and alone, left out even. Don’t fret though, little ducks—there’s still time to read up, and get involved if you so desire.

Now, I’m sure you’d rather hear all about how magical my wedding was and hear me drone on and on about how much I love that man I married, but, dare I say, not everything is about me. The Tweed Ride, organized by George Knox, Craig Almaguer, and Dax Downey (pictured), is one of the loveliest events of the year and I want you all to go. Unless you don’t like fun, in which case you should take the time to reevaluate your priorities.

The bare bones of the Tweed Ride are dressing up like an old-timey Brit and riding through Bidwell Park to Five Mile, having a nice picnic, then popping over to the brewery for a pint. You’re a free spirited sort, and you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I can do that any day.” And you’re right, you can (and should—I dare you). But you know what doesn’t happen every day? Hundreds of people joining you, making you feel like you’re a part of something, like you exist outside of time, feeling alive and inspired and special. Also, afterward you can roll down to Christmas Preview. You like cookies and stuff, right? Well, people will give you cookies and tell you they like your outfit. It’s awesome. Check out Chico Tweed Ride on facebook to get the link to the event page, pore through the gallery for clothing inspirations, and receive any updates for this and future rides.

Speaking of Christmas Preview, I have some bad news. Are you sitting? Good. I think there’s a chair a little lower to the ground over there though—yeah, the tiny chair—maybe go sit on that. OK, ready? As we all know, the greatest Christmas band in the history of Christmas is the Yule Logs. For the past ten years they have been donning gay apparel and filling our hearts with childlike joy and wonder, starting with the Christmas Preview, then at shows ranging from the family-friendly to the family-filthy all over the North State. (Deep breaths.) Recently, beloved drummer and all-around amazing guy/dirtbag Jake Sprecher has developed some potentially serious repetitive stress injuries in his arms, and will be shifting to a front of band position. On the bright side they’ll be bringing in the very talented Alex Coffin on drums, but because they need the rehearsal time to settle into the new lineup, Christmas Preview will be (sniff) Log-less. I guess I built that up a little too much.

On a final note, I’d like to thank the people who sent us their fiction samples last week. The early submissions have been great, and we want to see more! If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, do some typey-typey and send us 500 words. We’re also (always) interested in having more music writers—if you or anyone you know is passionate about music and want to proclaim your love publicly (or if you just think we should cover a wider variety of shows), hit me up. Send all writing samples to

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