Top 12 Signs Of The Zodiac: Horoscopes December 16th – 22nd



One might say that the battle has just begun. Fear no evil. Strive to do good. Not judging evil doers will be your biggest battle. Being generous in times of lack will be your second biggest battle. Travel looks good this week. The full moon in your third house inspires travel and communication. You will reunite with the things that excite and activate you. Find a way to bring more love and beauty to the workplace. Be prepared to change your mind about who you love and what you desire.


Surround yourself with compassion. You are not in control of outcomes at this point. There is only so much any one person can do at this time. Little things done with great love will take you farther than gargantuan projects. Confront the limits and blocks you have to relating to your loved ones. The full moon highlights values, voice, how you treat your throat, and the food that you eat. You may be able to make some serious money. The more you give, the more room you have in your soul to receive.


There is more than one way to experience joy. I’ve seen children playing in junk heaps with huge smiles on their faces, while I’ve witnessed dinks with everything they need and then some, languish in dissatisfaction. There comes a time when you are responsible for your own happiness. When is the last time you gave to someone knowing that they could never pay you back? We’re talking agape love here. Surrender your obsessions to one that needs them more. The full moon is asking you to reinvent yourself.


You’ve got the music in you. This is your last week where hard work and service to others is the main theme. You need to do things to fortify your health. The full moon Monday night through Tuesday morning brings you to the place where past karma motivates present decisions. Lust can get you into trouble. Let go of desire and see yourself as an observer through other peoples eyes. Your current loss may equal future gains. New partnerships are on the horizon. Be the kind of person that you would like to fall in love with.


You are in love with an open heart, yet you are challenged primarily by family issues. Like it or not the hard lessons helped make you the wonderful soul you are today. The full moon Monday and Tuesday may inspire good friends to show up for a spontaneous get together. The moon will be in Leo late Thursday night through Sunday morning inspiring holiday parties and thoughts about the people in your Queendom or Kingdom. Respect your own personal karma and the need for quiet time and meditation.


I live in a culture where many people are separated from parents, siblings, children and grandparents. Few people have deep knowledge of their ancestors anymore. Dig deep and discover or uncover your roots. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to fail from lack of knowledge. The full moon highlights your career experience, talents and skills as well as your relationship with the public. Creative energy is being incubated in your soul for the next several weeks. Express the matters of the heart with confidence.


I love seeing people loving each other no matter the culture, the gender or even the type of love were talking about. I enjoy seeing love even when I may not feel like I’m getting any. Loving your family is one of the toughest jobs you will ever face. Learn to love the unlovable. The full moon will inspire travel and doing things you’ve never done before. Learn the harder lessons and be o.k. with it. Get money the hard way. Be the kind of person you want to see in public. Communicate your truth.


A beginning is in store for you starting with winter solstice this Saturday morning at 9:11am PST. Stop fearing and begin caring. Meanwhile pay off old debts. Forgive those that have wronged you. Some folks play the blame game and thus never live to anything near their potential. Don’t be one of them. Explore your creative side in a different way. The full moon brings a chance for you to relate better to people at work. Venus, Pluto and the sun moving through your first house could make you a better lover.


This is your grand finale week. Share your most opinionated and outlandish self. You are good at having fun. Help others that aren’t able to share in this gift. Pleasure should be the result of a job well done rather than something to seek after. The full moon could help you meet a soul mate, get a new job or negotiate a contract. Jupiter encourages you to let go of past woes and misunderstandings. The weekend looks good for travel and exotic experiences. Be proactive rather than reactive.


Be in touch with your spiritual truth. Now is the time where you’ve been seen more by the public. Any sort of leadership ability in you is easier to recognize. Your failures are just stepping stones to your next triumph. The full moon highlights family issues and domestic needs. Be sensitive to communication from your parents. The weekend may find you hard at work with others trying to be resourceful for the holidays. By Sunday you’ll be able to relax with lovers and friends.


Your social life comes to some sort of grand finale this week. The new theme will be your karma, secrets and the sort of spiritual life that you’ve cultivated. Lighthearted alliances will eventually turn into deep karma. You may be having the time of your life with a lover. You may feel victimized by a deceptive female. The full moon will help you get to the heart of matters. Get in touch with what your legacy is to future generations. Be involved with the things that are built to last.


Your values are living entities. You are not your beliefs. I can pick any religion or even secular thought and find the same devout do-gooders and the same posing hypocrites in each one. If you think you know the truth you’ve probably given up your will to learn more. The full moon rules transformation, letting go, and tantric practices. Spend money on the things that reflect your values. If that means oil companies, then drive a hell of a lot more than you need to. Eat food that builds muscles not body fat. Practice what you preach.

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