Tips & Tricks for Summer Cycling

May is my favorite month. The weather is getting warmer, the days are stretching themselves into the night, and it’s Bike Month. I’ve been commuting farther on my bike lately and have arrived at work looking a hot mess a few times already this season. I don’t want my boss, coworkers and customers to think I don’t bathe, so I did a little digging and a lot of thinking and came up with these tips to help us all look refreshed when we arrive via cycle.

1. Wear patterns. Patterns like plaid and micro-florals hide sweat.

2. Gray is a drag. It shows every drop of sweat and always makes it look more excessive than it is.

3. Synthetic materials. They may feel weird, but they refuse to absorb sweat and usually come in a sweet vintage color or pattern.

4. Tight ain’t right. Loose clothing will help keep the air flowing around your core. The cooler your core temp, the cooler you are. Just don’t get your hippy shirt caught in your bike chain.

5. Route matters. Pick a direct route with loads of trees and not too many stops. It sucks being stuck a light in the heat with no shade.

6. Applying lotion or foundation before the ride will clog your pores and make you sweat more. If you feel naked without foundation (I know Nolan Ford does), bring it with you and plan extra time upon arrival for a makeup touch-up.

7. Ride slower, sweat less. Fact. Science.

8. Ditch the backpack. Bags on your back act like little electric blankets. I prefer to use fanny packs in the summer. Classy and functional.

Need some cool Bike Month events to try these tips out?

May 17th – Bike-in Movie. Senator Theatre Parking Lot. Show starts when the sun goes down. Bring popcorn and something to sit on.

May 19th – Seersucker Ride. The spring companion to the Tweed Ride. Dress your best and meet in the Plaza at 10 am. Rain or Shine. For more info visit the “Chico Tweed Ride” Facebook page.

Have a bike tip, ride event, question? Email me.

But don’t email me to just be mean and nasty.