I couldn’t help but notice two amazing shows happening on the same night this week. On Saturday, April 27th, Sorin is headlining a dark, metallic, heavy show at Dex Records, while French Reform is headlining a bright, colorful, dancy show at 1078.

The reason this is interesting is two-fold: the melodic doom band (WANING) opening for Sorin, and the nu-wave dance band Tiny Pyramids opening for French Reform.

(WANING) is a band whose sound is anything but waning. The music is mountainous, oceanic, sweeping; sometimes it’s melodic, sometimes crushingly dissonant. I like them because they’re slow and doomy, but they don’t drone for mind-numbing lengths of time like Electric Wizard. The pace moves with an understated majesty, appealing to deeper parts of the human psyche. When I asked why they chose their largely experimental genre of music, they had this to say:

“All of us grew up on different musical styles, and none of us have ever been able to accept the easy way when it came to musical tastes. Susan and Jim started the band as an ambient duo and when that became too limiting, the music that naturally came was slower, doom-y music. Our power has increased by leaps and bounds. We’re not even that doom-y all the time anymore.”

Tiny Pyramids hails from Santa Rosa, and it shows in their fun, very bright, music. When perusing their SoundCloud, “Problem” was a standout track for me. Wall-of-sound synths and processed drums made a great background for strange, eccentric vocals that really caught me.

You’re about to go on a mini-tour with French Reform. How’d you guys get together?

Tiny P’s: I’m from Red Bluff, as is Phil Anker, the keyboardist and guitar player for French Reform, so we’ve kept in contact. Both our bands kind of hit our respective scenes at the same time and our sounds, though different, are compatible. The same type of music influences us, so we always thought it would be cool to play together. Also, I lived in Chico for three years prior to moving to Santa Rosa, so I’ll always say yes to coming back for a visit.

Why should Chico go to your show April 27th and not the other one?

Tiny P’s: I used to live in Chico, so it’s like an old friend coming home to party with you. And it’s guaranteed dancing.

Why should Chico go to your  show April 27th and not the other one?

(WANING): The citizens of Chico need drug music other than reggae.

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