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From Issue #2 

So, I’m at a friend’s house, not really doing much except to watch him use his computer.

“Big deal,” I thought. “It’s not like I don’t have a computer at home to play with.” So I gleefully ignored the things he was doing. Up to a point…

“Hey, Edog,” he said. “Come here and take a look at this. You can write about this for your article.” I looked up and noticed that he had just logged into America On-Line [AOL], a service that allows you to connect to the Internet, and was showing me the “Chico Room.”

This columnist was quite surprised to learn about the “Chico Room.” In this “room,” I found out that I could learn much about Chico State without actually having to be there. Well, I shouldn’t say I was surprised; more like astonished. I never realized just how big and informative AOL actually was.

Maybe I should stop babbling and explain what the hell I’m talking about.

After getting onto America On-Line, I had to click on the button that said “keyword.” That allowed me to search for a specific item, namely Chico, which is what I typed in. A couple of seconds later, I got a few windows which showed a plethora of article titles relating to Chico State and the neighborhood. There was also a box which showed “Chico Newsgroups,” groups of articles which pertain to Chico as a community.

There were so many that I didn’t get a chance to go through them all. Quite amazing, I would have to say. I found it to be very informative. Just knowing something like this exists for me to peruse is exciting for me. Of course, you shouldn’t take my word for it. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

Last but not least, The Weekly Synthesis can be found on AOL, in the Chico Room. We can also receive your e-mails there. Our e-mail address is Apt8Prod@aol.com. Feel free to write to us expressing your thoughts. If you have any computer related questions, please don’t hesitate to write me in care of this newspaper or on the internet: edog@ ecst.csuchico.edu 

[Editor’s note: if you try to find us/contact us through our AOL chat room or the above Apt8 email address, you may need a time machine] 

From Issue #3 

Are you hip to the newest way to send a message to someone? Have you heard the word on the streets? I’m talking about electronic mail.

Mailing letters electronically has been around for over two decades, but just lately introduced to the general public. E-mail, as it is called, can get to a designated person faster than your average “paper, stamp, and envelope” can. With an e-mail account, you can talk to just about anyone in the entire world!

You look around, and hear many people talk about it. But what is it exactly? Without trying to be too technical, here is the gist of the e-mail thing:

Computers that can send e-mail are hooked up to what is known as the “Internet,” and this Internet consists of thousands of computers linked together through telephone lines and other types of cables.

Let’s say you write something at your home in Chico, and you send it off to a friend on the East Coast, say, Pennsylvania. It sends along the lines until it reaches its final destination point (your friend). Simple? Nothing could be simpler. “Write, send, receive.”

Here at the Chico State campus, accounts are given to all students. That means, if you’re a student here, you can get an e-mail account here. Sounds exciting? Better believe it! Get into the ‘90s, get an e-mail account, and see the world in the comfort of your own home.

From Issue #4 

Are you a graphical user person? Do you need to see pictures in order to understand what you are doing? Then maybe Mosaic is for you. Mosaic allows you to have Internet information at your fingertips (or, as the case may be, at the click of a button).

I have found that the easiest way to figure something out is if there was a picture I could go to if I didn’t understand. Mosaic is a program which allows the user (that’s you) to access information brought to you onto a Windows based environment. If you want to know more about a particular topic or something, all you have to do is click it with your mouse.

Here at Chico State University, Mosaic can display all the class schedules. With it, you can tell if there is an open class or if the class is full. By finding the right “links,” it will also show current events in and around the school. Of course, there is more stuff to look through, but you get the general idea.

Furthermore, there is no need for you to have an e-mail account to be able to access Mosaic. Look for Mosaic at any PC or Mac lab throughout the campus.

P.S. Last time I neglected to mention how to obtain an e-mail account. For that, I apologize. You can get one by heading up to O’Connell 242. On the right side of the door, there is a box holding the application form you will need to get one. Just fill it out and turn it into the accounts manager who resides at O’Connell 242, and show him your school ID. In a matter of days, you’ll be all set.

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