Thumpers – Galore

Recent inductees into the Sub Pop family, the synth-pop duo of Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson, Jr. are breaking new ground in this refreshingly original album. Initially related in my mind to bands such as MGMT or Discovery, I was taken off guard by the depth of creativity radiating off the songs as they evolved throughout the album.

As well as its disregard for clichés, the 11- song journey promises “layered androgynous vocals with muscular drums, astral synths and shimmering guitars in a celebration of breathless sensations of youth and coming-of-age.” As it is with childhood friends, you can sense the correlation and compatibility between Pepperell and Hamson, Jr. that gave birth to this interesting, uplifting album.

In a recent interview, they stated that their initial attempt was to capture the essence of childhood, and the growth you undergo in your transformation into adulthood. They recorded in their hometown with this intention in mind. The lyrical choices paint a clear portrait of this goal, in lines like “Lips of the side of your face/ You’re mouthing, ‘Oh god, stay.’” This coming-of-age band has been taking the world by storm, playing festivals and venues alike from Paris, France, to Ventura, California. Indisputably, this band is quickly becoming a fixture in the pop culture we know today.