First of all, can we talk about the elephant in the room? Why is it called 1078 Gallery when the address is 820 Broadway? It hasn’t been at 1078 Humboldt in nearly 30 years, and 820 Broadway would be a fine name. Their schtick could be that all start times were at 8:20, and people could be like, “I’m performing on Broadway at 8:20,” and no one would ever have to ask where that was.

But maybe you don’t think that is the elephant in the room. Maybe you’re wondering more why we’re talking about two separate but equally undead artistic projects right at the opening of the Holiday season? Well… Because shut up, that’s why.

This Is Thriller 

Local Director and Playwright Joey Moshiri had a vision. A weird and wonderful vision that I can only imagine was the product of some kind of caffeine fueled Walking Dead marathon while listening to his ‘80s pop station on Pandora.

This is so so so much more than a cover performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This is an original theatrical extravaganza, a musical monstrosity… or maybe a monstrosical musity. No, musical monstrosity. Anyway, there are monsters, and music. Specifically: moonwalking zombies, and an 11 piece band made up of members of Bogg, Pageant Dads, Clouds On Strings, and Aubrey Debauchery and the Broken Bones (hey waaiiit a minute, those are all the same people).

Combined with the talents of the Everybody In Outer Space burlesque troupe and a bevy of writers and artists, they’ve formed The Uncle Dad’s Art Collective, and they will be rocking our worlds from now until forever (at the very least, during the period of Dec. 5th-7th). There will be dancers, and visual artistry, and Paul McCartney (not the real one).

The story chronicles the relationship of Billie Jean (played by Aubrey Debauchery), and Michael Jackson (not the real one, David Kamrar), as they “struggle with their inner, and outer, demons.”

I assume one of their struggles is about her always wearing jeans, because those super high waisted things in the ‘80s were a bitch to get on and off. You had to lay down on your bed and suck in your stomach while you wrestled with the zipper, and god forbid you’d pegged your cuffs. I always imagined that’s why she was not his lover; her identity was too wrapped up in the jeans to see that they were getting in the way of any real human connection.

Anyway, the whole thing is interspersed with choreography by Eva Blanshei set to the music of Thriller (obviously), so it will automatically be awesome.

I’m also told that the fabulous Ann Fox will be doing some crazy zombie makeup. Segue!

The Undead Beauties Of Chico 

Ann Fox is no stranger to zombie makeup. For the past year she’s partnered with photographer Amy Brown to create a masterpiece of dystopic pin-ups to fuel your sexy nightmares.

Using nothing but their wits and their notable skills, they’ve transformed 13 local vixens (including themselves) into rotting, flesh-hungry sex pots for your twisted viewing pleasure. Featured models, in no particular order, are Amy Brown, Ann Fox, Samantha Francis, Stephanie Ditty, Aubrey Debauchery, Suzanne Papini, Sheri Bagley, Jasmine Ingersoll, Naomi Nogami, Samantha Deshler, Jenney Herbold, Ze Treasure Troll, and Kayla Cheyenne Varicelli.

Notable in all this is the fact that these are not only gorgeous women, these are women of varied ages, sizes, ethnicities, and artistic body modifications. To me, that is icing on the cake. Nothing is sexier than a woman with confident individuality, flaunting proudly the things about her that are rare. Sure, I admire conventional beauty too, but when you see a string of models side by side and they’re all 6 feet tall with little-bitty noses and medium length wavy hair, my mind goes fuzzy and I appreciate nothing. However, if you put a quirky little tattooed rockabilly chick, and a voluptuous redhead with great big doe eyes next to one of those pixie-faced amazons, I’ll notice them all and see the ways they’re beautiful.

Among the many great things about this Calendar is the fact that there’s no big month text scrawled across any of the fabulous pictures; they’re all primed for framing once the year is over. And let’s face it, the only real reason to own a physical calendar anymore is if the pictures are good enough to enjoy as prints later on. collage

So yeah, I’m a total fan-girl of both of these projects. I admire people who have weird ideas, and the tenacity to not only put them into action, but stick with them through all the unexpected challenges. And I especially admire them when those things turn out to be really cool.

A limited run of calendars are available for the low low price of $15. Just email Ann Fox,, and she’ll set you up.

This Is Thriller runs December 5th, 6th and 7th at 1078 Gallery. Tickets are $13 at the door or $10 in advance. Doors open at 7:30pm, show at 8pm

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