I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about rail transportation. Well, not really a LOT of time, but I think about it every time I leave town. I’m constantly wondering why we don’t have some form of public transit to the Bay Area from Chico. The only chooch that leaves from downtown is at some butt-crackingly hideous hour right after the bars close, and just before the sofa fires go out.

We have a train station. We have train tracks. All I need is a train. Where can I get my hands on a used train? I need the front engine train, then the middle passenger part, and obviously a caboose. Because…caboose. I would trick out my choo-choo train with Wi-Fi, comfy seats, and plenty of Scandinavian style. It would run up and down the I-5 corridor from Redding to Sacramento, where passengers could hop off and on to public transit towards the Bay Area or the Sacramento interior.

In the mornings there would be lovely, local pastries and awesome coffee from Empire or Naked Lounge for commuters to nosh as they crack open their laptops and jump-start the day. On the way home, the caboose would be cracking with Sierra Nevada on tap and happy hour snickety snacks. Finally, everyone arrives home feeling refreshed, having sloughed off the stress of the day on the commute home.

Look for my Kickstarter campaign, wherein I shall venture to purchase my own commuter train. If doing it legally doesn’t work out, I’m also open to riding a stolen Columbian Steamer all the way to Chico, taking my chances with the federales and Amtrak Executives.

The Ryan Montbleau Band

This is where I say nothing more than “you missed out, man!” One of my favorite bands came to town Wednesday, February 13th. Opening for Greensky Bluegrass or some such hillbilly nonsense, The Ryan Montbleau Band from Boston killed it with their bluesy, catchy, and danceable jams. Check out ryanmontbleauband.com for a listen so that the next time these guys come to town you’re red-ta-go.


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