The Lesser Of Two Liars

As I’m writing this, the second presidential debate is about to start. I know nerdlings, all you want to discuss is the newly released trailer for the Evil Dead remake and the squeal-inducing news about The Goon, and I swear we’ll get there. First though, some unsolicited thoughts about the impending election!

Let me just say right off the bat, I’m for Obama. And no, that’s not because he’s the incredible, bringer-about-of-Change we all were promised. It’s because the alternative is just so goddamn frightening. I can’t imagine a reality in which Mitt Romney and his soulless eyes and perma-grin are elected that doesn’t end really badly for everyone (and most notably women and the people who aren’t mega-rich). Also, I appreciate the fact that Obama wants to continue to decrease the military budget, whereas Romney is all for pouring more funds in, leaving private enterprise to sort out the domestic needs (which hasn’t worked so well in the past).

The thinning of the wall that separates elected officials from the public due to the rise of participation in user generated content on social media sites makes me optimistic for the future. Hopefully the fact that it’s harder for members of the government to pull the wool over our collective eyes means that we’re slowly being led towards a future where the candidates can be more transparent about themselves. I like to envision a time when we the people can freely elect a world leader who is honest about their possibly checkered past, and can speak clearly, with no double-speak, about their intentions for our country. I think Bill Clinton is the closest thing to this idea that currently exists, but come on people we can do better. End political discussion.

Now as promised, let’s move on to better more important things. David Fincher and Eric Powell have created a Kickstarter with hopes of finally creating an animated Goon movie. They’ve named Clancy Brown as “The Goon” and Paul Giamatti as “Franky”, and can I just say HOMYGODSOEXCITED. In usual Kickstarter fashion they’ve arranged for a series of incentives at each donation level, like blog access, t-shirts, limited edition posters and original artwork. They are currently at 1,891 backers who have donated a current total of $131,898 of their $400,000 goal. There are twenty-five days to go, so jump on the Goon bandwagon while you can.

Lastly, as it’s the spooky time of year (elections), I thought I’d briefly discuss the Evil Dead trailer that was recently screened at the Comic Con in New York, and it featured a Deadite in the basement. It’s looking like there will be sufficient gore in this one, we can only get hope that they get the humor right, but I’m not optimistic. I’m really tired of the remake trend. Are we really so devoid of imagination that we can’t come up with new material? I’m shaking my head at you, Hollywood.

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