Lyon Books is moving locations to Main Street. Right next to Peet’s and across the street from The Bookstore. The very same The Bookstore that the community just rallied around, raising $35,000 to save. Both Heather Lyon and Josh Mills have been thumbs-upping it and hoping there will be so much book inertia, it’ll be like book Jupiter sucking everybody in to buy books from both of them. I can’t help but question this decision and the timing. Maybe the gravitational pull isn’t about books; it’s about siphoning off a little of that mojo that The Bookstore is rocking right now. It feels a skosh predatory and opportunistic for Lyon Books to move to that particular location when there are other locations available in the downtown area.

And will Lyon Books continue to sell used books in direct competition with The Bookstore? They’re both saying that they have different business models, but how different can it be when you’re both selling books? I guess we’ll just have to see how it works out, and good luck to both of these businesses; I definitely want to see them succeed. And The Bookstore will need to do their job and make it more than just a used bookstore – by holding events and getting innovative with their space, I think they’ll thrive in spite of Lyon’s move.

Hail to the chiefs! They’re the chiefs and they need hailing!

You’d be surprised how many presidents of things there are in Chico. We asked these notable presidents a few questions and I pulled this one out because it’s my favorite:

Amanda Jones

CSU Harry Potter Club

If you were president of the US for a day, what would you do? Honestly I have no idea and I don’t believe much could be accomplished in one day. In my opinion, any of our nation’s current issues would require cooperation from all parts of the government and the backing of the majority of the American people. Hopefully I would make some type of positive influence though. In a lighter carefree view, if I was president for a day, hopefully I would get to meet some of my idols and enjoy being the first female president.

What was your path to election and how did you earn the title? As a club, we have a long-standing tradition of an epic battle or duel between possible officers. It consists of a replica of a wizard duel, complete with wands, robes, and spells. Whoever is the last one standing wins. I’m just kidding! Toward the end of a semester we announce we will be electing officers at the last meeting and at the meeting the current president explains the different roles and responsibilities. Those who are interested can get nominated, the club members vote, and then we have our officers.

What’s your take on the binge drinking problem in Chico and do you have any ideas for solutions?

Binge drinking is a serious issue, but I don’t have any immediate ideas for solutions; it is not a problem that I have studied extensively. However, I am a strong believer in personal responsibility in an individual’s choices, whatever they may be.

Sara makes the words happen.