It seems like just yesterday I was in my early 20s, dancing in the city plaza between the trees like a wanton hippie, with the smooth sounds of Jordhuga wafting through on the breeze. The drugs, the dancing, the bralessness, the tie-dye…we were throwbacks, throwing ‘em back. We were all about peace and love, and regurgitating conversations about consciousness and being kind. All the cool kids were doing it. And I’m pretty sure I recall an evening or two spent smoking a coco-puff in a VW van in the public lot across from the U-Bar, waiting for Jordhuga to go on at Stormy’s. It was a different time, an iconic era in Chico—and I think that perhaps we spend a lot of time living in the shadow of that era.

Lucky for all of us, Amy rekindles the dream of the ‘90s in her super-elevated interview with Jordhuga, full of reminiscing and nostalgic goosebump-inducing memory mining. We catch up with everybody, find out what they’ve been up to (except Steve Hoffman, because let’s face it—that guy is everywhere and we all pretty much know he’s doing great) and reconnect with familiar faces from the old scene. For more info, and to share your old Jordhuga memories, search for their Facebook event page JORDHUGA Reunion, and if you’re not on Facebook, ask a guy. See you at Lost for some quality reminiscing on June 22nd. Get there early, groupies!

Also, congratulations to the spanking new News & Review editor, Melissa Daugherty! We’re glad to see she’s still planning to uphold the News & Review’s longstanding tradition of giving 3000 words to subjects that can easily be covered in less than 500. And we agree, the Internet is totally a passing fad. The people will soon tire of wanting their news instantly and be grateful to go back to reading that hard-hitting week-old news.

But, if we didn’t have the internet, then we wouldn’t have THIS:

jordhuga crosstitch

Sara makes the words happen.