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Interview With Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman

The audio recording from this interview is available for listening here.  On August 21, 2015 I was afforded the opportunity to interview musician Jonathan Richman at his northern California home. I arrived at his house a bit nervous. I’d been wanting to meet with him for a long time, and given the fact that he (quite […]

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Metal In Mumbai


The metal scene has reached across the world… And now, a vision of metal’s future will be here in the US for all of us to marvel at.

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Lou Reed Phone Interview (October 2006)


Lou Reed passed away October 27, 2013 at the age of 71. When I got to the office Monday morning, I remembered that Synthesis had done a quick chat with Lou Reed a few years ago. I found the audio file eerily (or not eerily) dated October 27, 2006. Deliciously uncomfortable at times, Maurice Spencer […]

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Global Community Radio


What could a three-year-old girl and a 98-year-old man have in common? Don’t know the answer?  Well, let me enlighten you. They both have a love for reggae and are among the avid listeners of KZFR’s Devastation Sounds, a program broadcasting three solid hours of the best in roots reggae every Friday from 3–6pm. Hosted […]

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Gettin’ Zoned With Emilio: Tower of Power’s Saxist Singer Keeps On Keepin’ On

Tower of Power. Photo by Alex Solca

When Emilio Castillo was 11 years old, his family moved from Detroit to Fremont, south of Oakland. It was a hard transition, but he credits music with making it easier. As the singer, sax player, and head man of Tower of Power, Emilio Castillo has been passing on the strength he found in music since […]

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How Was High Sierra?


I wasn’t high, except via the same contact that had all the area wildlife stoned, so I was able to see that the sexy Mr. Plant has gone to seed a bit—though he’s still an inspiring figure for us guys who think we still may have a move or two left in us, so long […]

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Armed for Apocalypse: Apocalypse Meow!


“Wow…somebody is writing about us!”

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The Phenomenauts


I don’t know what they’d given me in the van—space drugs, projected intelligence maybe—but my consciousness was alternating between dimensions.

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Hear That Train A Comin’


After you’ve been on the road for over 20 years, you pretty much have family and friends everywhere you go.

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Come As You Are

I never met him, never got to see the band play live, but when I heard his music, it opened up a part of my brain I didn’t know was there.

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