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25 Years of Duffy’s Tavern


What is it about Duffy’s? How is a place like that born? How is it cultivated? To answer that, first we need to step 25 years back in time.

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Mammoth Torta!

It’s all about the old local rockers.

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Seriously, Save The Pageant


By the end I had both laughed and shed tears. I highly recommend this show, and anything put on by Rogue Theatre.

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Bar Creeper


She’s beautiful. She’s wearing glasses. She must be my type.

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Dance Night at Duffy’s

duffys by Aye Jay

Sometimes a scene that goes on week after week can fly under the radar, and if you’re not already a regular, it’s easy to continue not being one. Duffy’s Dance Night was like that for me. For one thing it happens on Wednesdays, starting around 10pm (officially 9pm, but you know how it goes), and […]

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