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Crosses – Crosses


There are raw, heavy moments on Crosses almost reminiscent of Deftones, but the real meat of the music lies in the straightforward pop songs.

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Fight Music – Let Them Eat Cock


Let Them Eat Cock is an easy record to recommend for those who like cheeky, solid hardcore punk, but it’s clear that Fight Music could care less if anyone likes what they do anyway.

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New Heights


At its best moments, Sorin’s New Heights is as poised as a dancer and as forceful as a car-crash.

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Time Spent In The Machine

Time Spent In The Machine large cd cover art

From the first notes he sings over the popping bassline in Dynamite Parasite, former Slow Car Crash alumnus Omarr Awake delivers a retro funk reminiscent of the laid-back sass of Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions.

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Respect The Van

bros coma

I think The Brothers Comatose are the reincarnated soul of an old hillbilly from Arkansas that was born inside a brokendown banjo.

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The Road Ahead


  The Road Ahead  by Albare  on Enja Records First, the bad news. The penultimate track on this album is called “Overjoyed,” and it’s the turd in the punchbowl on an album that features some absolutely terrific guitar work by Albare, who is touted in the promotional copy as being Australia’s “most active jazz guitarist […]

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Inside the Eyewall

bear & moose

Bear & Moose From the opening tones of droning feedback, to spastic drum beats and driving guitar, it’s apparent Portland-based rock duo Bear & Moose are onto something. Upbeat and downtempo tracks create an eerie juxtaposition between songs, like a trek through a dark psychedelic bog followed by a trip to the clouds. Bright melodies, […]

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Big Sur

bill frisell

Bill Frisell More than two decades ago, one of my daughter’s boyfriends gave me a Bill Frisell CD in an attempt to ingratiate himself with his girlfriend’s old man. I didn’t like the kid much, and that may have influenced my reaction to the album, which I also didn’t like much. That unfair, negative reaction […]

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Luso Noir: Music from Portuguese Speaking Africa

luso noir

If your ears have grown weary of the predictable smorgasbord of popular music, from rap to hip-hop to Top 40 to rock n’ roll to warmed-over country stuff, you might want to check out this album from 2011: a compilation that will take you places—musically, geographically, and maybe even spiritually, if you’re open to traveling […]

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Tete Alhinho One thing I miss about teaching is telling students about movies made before their time, obscure books by little known writers, or music never heard on Top 40 radio. In that spirit, I want to tell Synthesis readers about Tete Alhinho and her album, Voz. It’s one of my Desert Island Discs—music I […]

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