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If anyone mutters “It was just a cat” within earshot during that time, I won’t be responsible for what happens next.

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A few weeks ago my son got a kitten from some guy at the Farmers’ Market, and I figured it was fate.

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From Parts Unknown by Every Time I Die


You won’t find anything groundbreaking here, but this is still one of ETID’s greatest albums.

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Party On The Lawn


Dexter’s tiny, furry body went stiff with caution for a moment, hidden within his shrub, waiting for the feline to pass.

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16 Cats Who Think They’re People!


Uh… some pop culture reference. Twerking or something.

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Four Cats In The Animal Shelter


“If I knew how to work a camera,” Patches purred to himself, “I would photograph us, as we lie here, right now.”

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