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It’s Always The Feeling But Never The Words


Thursday night at Coda, for three measly bucks, the audience got to see the modern manifestation of generations of musical styling.

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Metal Mayhem


Looks like a pretty solid week for metal. Which is good. The Christmas music is already in full force, and I’m ready to punch a wall or two.

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A Morning With Bogg


Mind Bogg-ling Jazzy Gentleman

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Val-RAWK-intine’s Day

reptillian serp 2-14-13

I don’t know if watching Barney as a tyke subconsciously affected me or what, but green and purple just screams raptors to me.

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Ha’Penny Bridge & Mark McKinnon Jan. 17 Café Coda


Ireland, land of green hillsides. Full of culture, mythology, and mysterious wonder…

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By Sunlight Here To Disappear

by sunlight 1

I wanted it to be extremely vivid and extremely image-inducing, using a lot of alliterations and something that falls out of your mouth in this very specific non-descript eloquence.

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Sera Cahoone: Canyon Crooner

Sera Cahoone grew up in the Colorado canyons, but she’s made a name for herself in the northwest by collaborating with others and by putting on sincere solo performances.

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