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Fresh Ink


I knew only that it was to be four one-act plays, written by four local writers, handed to four directors, and performed by four actors apiece.

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Going Rogue


The story of Rogue begins like any story, with a spark of inspiration and a powerful witch.

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Late Nite Re-Emerges From The Twilight Zone


After a mysterious absence, Late Nite director Craig Blamer recently returned to the Blue Room with a special early evening double feature of classic episodes from The Twilight Zone

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Amanda Detmer

Amanda Detmer 2

“If this is it…if this is as far as this life goes for me, then I can always say that I was there and I saw what it was like to be in an A-movie.” I just hope it happens again.

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The Loki Miller and Friends Blue Room Christmas Spectacular!

’Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the town, Loki Miller was running, he was running around…

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