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Tanner’s Best Albums of 2013


Some of you may argue that my list is unfairly skewed towards hip-hop, but I’d like to argue that 2013 has been an absolutely incredible year for both mainstream and underground

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This List Of The Best Albums Of 2013 Will Make Your Heart Sing


  Haim – Days Are Gone  These songs are so powerful because they feel exceptionally true, like they could have happened to me or you or anyone. And they are so catchy that I am probably singing “The Wire” in the shower while you are reading this.   Cut Copy – Free Your Mind    […]

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Read This Nog Log And Get Ready To Spend The Rest Of The Day Trying To Pick Your Jaw Up Off The Floor


It tastes like the most amazing melted French Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with nutmeg. But it lacks “Christmas at Grandma’s.”

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