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Best Bets 10/13/14-10/19/14


Wednesday, October 15th CHASMS, ALL YOUR SISTERS (SF) ORANGE STREET STUDIO Chasms sounds the way you’re wanting it to—’80s drum beats, reverb-laden guitars, and vocals that sound like you’re being called across the River Styx by your long-deceased Native American great-great-grandmother. They construct these long-short doom-pop dirge-songs, and in case this isn’t indie enough for […]

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Best Bets – October 6, 2014


Monday, October 6th BRETT DENNEN ACOUSTIC SET EL REY THEATRE He shreds the acoustic guitar like no one’s business, but doesn’t make a big deal about it. Instead, he concentrates his talent on building well-crafted songs about love and nature and stuff. He looks like a gummi bear when he sings. Or a carebear. Or […]

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Best Bets – September 22, 2014


Are you tired of all your things, but you don’t want to set them on fire? Do you covet the posessions of others, but are afraid to steal them? Good news!

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Best Bets – September 15, 2014


In the group’s latest Cirque Peking you will see things you always suspected MIGHT be possible to accomplish with a body

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Best Bets 9/8/14 – 9/14/14


Monday, September 8th KEITH GREENINGER THE RENDEZVOUS The award winning singer songwriter comes to Chico to celebrate his newly released album Soul Connection with a band of seasoned veterans: Billy Payne from Little Feat on keys, Hutch Hutchinson and Ricky Fataar from Bonnie Raitt’s band on bass and drums, and Randy Ray Mitchell from Warron […]

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Best Bets 8/25/14-8/31/14


Wednesday, August 27th LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY PAGEANT THEATRE “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey With Mumia Abu-Jamal” tells the story of a writer and journalist who works from his jail cell. Mumia has spent 30 years in a Pennsylvania prison, 29 of them being in solitary confinement on death row. Learn the story of his controversial […]

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Best Bets 8/18/14-8/24/14


Monday, August 18th CLOUDS ON STRINGS, CHEMICAL CLOCK 1078 GALLERY Chico’s crazy-amazing progressive rock band Clouds On Strings does not play very often anymore, but if they’re not enough of a reason to enjoy a late Monday night, Seattle’s Chemical Clock should convince you. They’ve been called “post-everything avant fusion”: you might be reminded of […]

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Best Bets In Entertainment 8/4/14 – 8/10/14


The kings of death metal hailing from Paradise are finally dropping their debut release, Dust EP. It’s groovey, nasty, fast, slow, and savage, just like you!

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