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Standards, Ambitions, Definitions

Are games art? Are games good? Are games even games? As you might guess, this article’s going to be rather contemplative, philosophical, even, so please put on your critical judgment hats and smoking jackets.

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Art by Logan Kruidenier logankruidenier.tumblr.com

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Things That Make You Go “YES!”

The instinct to heal by making tiny works of art, with tactile physical elements, trumped any sort of actual thinking.

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Death And The Maiden

The show is indeed gritty, beautiful, and well worth the sacrifice that went into bringing it to life.

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Tom Banwell: Masked Machinations

Coming up on Saturday (June 28th) from 3-6pm, there will be a reception for Tom Banwell’s first solo exhibit in 30 years.

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Sea Monster

Some of the performances I’ve done downtown, I wouldn’t be able to do that anywhere else. It just wouldn’t be safe. It’s just not.

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June Art Report

All the students had to work with in class that night was a stick, and generous amounts of black ink.

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“Mmmmm.. Damn.” Those were my first words upon entering the gallery at Naked Lounge and seeing the new art by Christina Seashore.

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Sustainable Inspiration: The Visual Wonder Of Johnny Dutro

Each piece had a tangible vibration and message for the viewer.

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Lexie Loader — Art Review At Empire Coffee

They were executed with a classy and traditional style, mashing realistic perception with some subtle abstract touches here and there.

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Kyle Forrest Burns — Photography At Naked Lounge

I can only assume the beauty that was being witnessed in that exact moment left the artist in silence, with no need to explain it.

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Painted Vino

And with that, I put on an apron and joined the party with a glass of red. I mingled and chatted, made some new friends, and came home with a delightful, romantic painting that I painted myself.

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Hello, this is Franklin. I am Five.

Hello, this is Franklin, I am five. I have a lot of favorite things about summer in Chico.

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Chico is an Art Center

Two bubbly little writing prompts popped off the gallery’s doors and into my yellow pad! Pokemon will have to wait.

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Cross-Eyed Traffic

It’s inevitable that two people looking at one issue will have two different views of the issue.

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Dust and Cobwebs – Final Thoughts

Over these weeks, as we cleaned and cried and shared these memories, a sense of ease settled over us. It was like finding no monster under the bed.

No Middle Ground: my life after Baghdad

My husband and I were sitting at an outside table at Sierra Nevada having lunch, when I suddenly had something else to blame on the Iraq war: My bottom left molar.

Cahors Sunset

Cahors Sunset is absolutely not for everyone; it’s slow, existential, a touch maudlin, and French as a baguette in a beret.

The Media Can’t Get Enough of “Black Violence”

Trust me, there is no one definition of what being black truly is.

The She Things: F**K You For Jesus!!!

Come revel in the babeliness that is The She Things.

Choose Your Own Adventure: A Meditation On Packing

You now have some serious decisions before you:

Read, then Read Again

Marriage is not an institution I had envisioned for myself,

Horoscopes for the Week of January 19th

You are entering the dream space where imagination rules.

Blood Cabana: Hell is Paradise

And there will be blood… cabana.

You Are an Enormous, Eternal, and Majestic Mountain

The most important ingredient for success is enthusiasm

Dust and Cobwebs – Part Three

This room was an archaeological dig. We took a deep breath and excavated my mother’s addiction in layers, brushing off the dust and analyzing their significance.

Letter to the Editor – Domestic Violence isn’t Funny

Jokes about domestic violence are never funny. In Mr. Porter’s article in the January 5, 2015 edition of the Synthesis […]

I Went To Twin Peaks, You Guys

I casually made my way down the concrete walkway that overlooks the falls, not, as some may contend, “running like a little boy who waited too long to pee”

Lessons In Love With Stone Trolls

Well, master,” said the first giant, rubbing his face where it had been struck, “You told us to feel love for each other… but we can’t really feel very well. Hitting each other is the first thing we’ve discovered that we can actually feel.

Gaming Without Gaming

While bumbling around Steam, I was struck by a sudden whim of poor judgment, and decided to take the Steam reviewers at their word. I purchased a small game ported from mobile called Hero of the Kingdom