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Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden


I’m not sure how many songs passed, maybe two, before I was completely engrossed. They were a little old and lazy, yes, but these songs are good

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The Flesh Prevails, By Fallujah


No one can understand the words, and no one minds at all.

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Everybody in Outer Space Lost Their Marbles

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Thomas Livingston’s inner monologues are poetic, existential, almost Shakespearean; full of flower petals. But then his day-to-day dialogues with his wife, and with his friends, are just so cold and gray.

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From Parts Unknown by Every Time I Die


You won’t find anything groundbreaking here, but this is still one of ETID’s greatest albums.

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Warped Tour 2014


And so the music goes.

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Lorde In Concert - Seattle, WA

I still have my confetti bits, individually printed with the popstar’s profile. Lorde is indisputably the Queen Bee, and will remain so for a long while.

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