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Ave Grave – Album Review


Right from the start, you feel like you’re drifting down a misty river of distant yearnings. The guitar tones are wet, the vocals bubble with reverb, the organ rises and falls like water over stones.

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The Cozy Feeling of Really Well-Made Rugs


Their music is like tubing the Sac River while sipping a glass of wine and wearing your favorite songwriting sweater.

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This List Of The Best Albums Of 2013 Will Make Your Heart Sing


  Haim – Days Are Gone  These songs are so powerful because they feel exceptionally true, like they could have happened to me or you or anyone. And they are so catchy that I am probably singing “The Wire” in the shower while you are reading this.   Cut Copy – Free Your Mind    […]

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Time Spent In The Machine

Time Spent In The Machine large cd cover art

From the first notes he sings over the popping bassline in Dynamite Parasite, former Slow Car Crash alumnus Omarr Awake delivers a retro funk reminiscent of the laid-back sass of Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions.

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Respect The Van

bros coma

I think The Brothers Comatose are the reincarnated soul of an old hillbilly from Arkansas that was born inside a brokendown banjo.

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