Hey gang, remember me? I’m sitting in for Sara Calvosa this week while she’s on vacation, which is great because that means I get to share with you all the weird and wonderful things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Over the last few weeks, in addition to editing the paper, I’ve been doing some substitute teaching to help mold the minds of future generations. Mostly I’ve been working with elementary-level kids, who I’ve discovered are big-time tattle tales.

I grew up with two brothers and a policy administered by my parents called “squealers get double.” If you rat out your sib, then you receive their punishment times two. Nobody ever really got punished for this, but I think the threat alone reduced the frequency of bro-trayal. It also might explain why we along so well today, and why I have such innate disgust for tattling.

The story of my first-grade sub experience begins with two girls fighting in class. “Mr. Ford, she said I was stupid!” or something along those lines. As the feud escalated, I invited the more persistent tattler to write a letter that I would personally deliver to the principal (psyche). She began scribbling away, but soon realized she didn’t know how to spell any of the words required to relate the wrongdoings of her rival. What unfolded next was the best part. She moved across the room toward her nemesis, asked how to spell her name, and proceeded to get assistance composing the rest of her testimony. Naturally, the two became great friends during the whole episode and found a new victim to tease and exclude from their little alliance. Perhaps tattling brings people together after all…

Another thing that’s been on my mind lately is music (surprise). Although I’ve successfully curbed my obsession quite a bit over the years, the group I still identify as my favorite band, Tera Melos, is releasing their new album, X’ed Out, next month. The recording has been getting major press and their spring tour is selling out all over the nation. Bravo, dudes. It’s also come to my attention that my newest favorite SF songwriter and his band, Sonny & The Sunsets, have announced the release of a new album this June titled, Antenna To The Afterworld. Fingers crossed we’ll all be sportin’ shorts at a Sonny show somewhere in town this summer.

This week in Synthesis, Mark Herrera tackles the ongoing marijuana debate, we examine a new online sketch comedy group, and introduce the first installment of an original four-part fantasy series. Speaking of fantasy, keep an eye out for weddings in season three of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which launches this Sunday.


Nolan Ford grew up in Chico, California with great respect and admiration for Synthesis and its mission to provide an alternative voice on matters of music, art, and life in Chico. In addition to editing the paper and managing its musical content, Nolan performs with various bands around town including Perpetual Drifters, The Rugs, Pat Hull, and acoustic duo, Emma & Nolan.