Street Style

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What do you do for a living?
I am a wine/beer buyer for Whole Foods Market in San Francisco.

Favorite thing to do in Chico?
The Saturday morning farmer’s market.

Favorite place to eat?
Gordo’s 8th Street taco truck. Veggie Burritos with extra hot sauce are unreal!

Favorite activity in Chico?
A few times a year I get out to Salmon Hole for a swim, although my girlfriend’s mom has been getting us a bunch of passes to Women’s Club events so I guess, involuntarily, that would be a close second. The best Women’s Club event had to be the Silent Film Night with live ragtime piano to accompany the films.

Sweet or salty?
Most definitely salty! Moreover, fresh
veggies! I never was much for sweets, although once in a while I get a craving
for chocolate cake.

Jen Cartier misses Chico! However, she has taken to the great beyond (er...The Bay Area) to be some kind of chocolate maven while simultaneously figuring out how the hell to navigate her long-ass work commute, and still kick ass at raising three munchkins, loving one soon-to-be husband, and keeping one rascally Brittany Spaniel in the damned yard. She loves Nutella, red wine, and American Spirits. She takes her dog along on runs to wear him out (sometimes he shits in someone else's yard - bonus!) and also to balance her own general consumption of all the fine tasty things life offers, ciggys included. Follow her blog at