The Stoner Bowl


This year’s Super Bowl is significant for a variety of reasons. First: less than 15 percent of teams that win the Super Bowl were a one seed during the regular season; which is a way of saying they had the team with the best record in the league. On February 2nd, we have the distinction of having both the NFC and AFC represented by the best record in their respective conference. Secondly: if Peyton Manning were to lead the Broncos to victory on Super Bowl Sunday, he would be the first quarterback in the history of the league to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl victory.

That is pretty juicy stuff.

Now, what about this Stoner Bowl nonsense?

This joyous occasion has yet another wonderful caveat: it features two teams whose state legalized marijuana this year. To put a finer point on it, they are the only states to have legalized marijuana. You would figure California had that market cornered, but we do not. So, cannabis aficionados have a reason to tune in this year, even if they are not normally swayed to watch America’s favorite sport.

Rutherford, NJ is going to be a disastrous location for a Super Bowl, as temperatures will dip into the 20s and there is a chance of blustery weather, complete with snow. This may make for a very interesting contest between the number-one defense in the league, led by the vociferous Richard Sherman, and a record-breaking passing season led by Peyton Manning.

Inclement weather can certainly change things in a hurry.

Richard Sherman has become a topic of debate among casual fans and sports pundits alike. His game-saving tip (unless you are a Niners fan) became a passionate moment when he announced to the world that he was “the best corner in the league.” Say what you will about the rest of the game (and I’m sure Niners fans would rather not relive the experience), but it came down to that last moment.

The vitriol levelled at Sherman has bordered on threatening. I think there is an argument to be made for him actually being the best corner in the league, probably even the best defensive back. It is the odd hatred that has been directed at him for showing passion in a heated moment on the final play of an important game that puzzles me. Granted, the “mediocre” comment and personal attacks detract from what his team did (and he has since apologized for that); I think making sweeping statements about personal play is par for the course in the NFL. If you recall, Jim Harbaugh claimed that Crabtree had the best hands of any receiver ever only days before.

Anyway, I should probably call the Super Bowl.

I’m going with Broncos over the Seahawks on a cold, but relatively uneventful day, to the tune of 27-16.

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