Real World Records
by Ky Junkins












From the first note, the strings of Spiro coalesce to fill the room with a glorious sound. While some cite a Gaelic influence in the England-born quartet’s instrumental mesh, to this reviewer, the group’s fourth album feels like the soundtrack to an epic movie such as Little Miss Sunshine. The songs cycle listeners through emotions of awe, excitement, passion, reverence and a bit of mourning. The tracks are so stacked because the four musicians often play more than one part at a time—simultaneously playing up to eight lines of music—on instruments including the violin, viola, mandolin, acoustic guitar, cello and accordion. This album is universal communication that should be listened to in one sitting. It will bring a tear to the eye of anyone who recognizes the connection between music, spirit, and the beautiful fragility of life. Recommending one song does the album little justice, but the first track “Yellow Noise” is as emblematic as any. Sample the whole album on SoundCloud or realworldrecords.com

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