I love spring breezes and spring weather. I love standing in my backyard in my bare feet watering my garden. The smell of wet soil and wafting whiffs of gardenia and jasmine give me goose bumps and make me feel like a pixie. All around town, warm breezes and sunny girls on bikes, neighbors waving and friends with ready smiles seem to greet me. It’s like we’re all waking up and growing together in the giant bean teepee of the Universe.

While Chico is a magical spring fairyland, not far away there is something that doesn’t smell so good—Orland. Tiring of our usual haunts and the overrated restaurants in town, we went to Orland to visit the Farwood Bar & Grill and try it out after hearing lots of great things. The evening drive was lovely, and the air was cool and warm all at the same time, and we were thinking, “We are so great at having ideas!” We passed a cute sign that read something about getting your compost up ahead and we laughed because, compost.

But really, the universe was foreshadowing something. As soon as we passed the turnoff for compost, the smell of buttholes assaulted us. But cows, you know? Smelly. It’s cool. Smelly cows are smelly but we could deal with that—until the smelly turned to something else. It was as if Orland’s dead had risen to life all at once and then lit themselves on fire on top of a giant landfill full of diapers. Why does Orland smell so bad?? Please let me know, I’m curious. And if you say that Orland does not smell, then I’m thinking you are probably late for the diaper pile bonfire.     bog_of_eternal_stench_-_nvy_girls_cu

Anyway, this issue is all about innovation and invention. My fellow Chico Americans, I know that we’ve been undergoing an identity crisis lately, but take heart! There are citizens of this town taking matters to the next level in the best possible way. It’s the artists, the inventors, the techies, the geeks, the doers and the builders, the makers and the booty shakers. The people down at the IdeaFabLab are building a beehive for brilliance. Matt Olson goes undercover as himself to bring us the buzz about this growing movement toward reinvention. And for those booty shakers of all ages, Nolan gives us the details on Matt Savage’s new all-ages venue and potential community gem downtown called Dex. We’re full of the dickens this week.

Sara makes the words happen.