self-esteem-1Note: This will be the final “Old Crock” published by the Synthesis. Jaime opted not to write a farewell column.

I’m going to get way out of line here and take a position that isn’t currently the “let’s-all-feel- good-about-ourselves” party line of politically correct attitudes. I’m talking about the campaign against “body shaming,” and the accompanying notion that we should smile on our brother, even if he’s gotten too fuckin’ fat to pass through the front door and has been confined to a bed where he spends his days watching Judge Judy and eating ice cream by the half gallon.

Like lots of our less appealing emotions, shame has its uses. It may even be necessary for our survival. Even cruelty, as shitty a human attribute as can generally be found, has a place in the mix of emotions that can sometimes stimulate people to action they need to take for their very own good.

For a couple of decades now, we’ve been experiencing an epidemic of obesity that has been turning us into a nation of fat fucks, often too damned overweight to get into Walmart to buy cheap shit and bulk quantities of Cheetos unless we’re in a government- provided scooter allowing us to avoid ever taking a single step. I’m talking here about people who are in their 30s and even much younger, obscenely obese already, indifferent to their health or their appearance, human pie holes constantly being stuffed with harmful sugars and fats in the most mindlessly gluttonous of ways.

But god forbid if our faces should ever twist into a rictus of disapproval for people who’ve eaten themselves into disability, virtually useless hulks of brooding fat barely able to move beyond reaching for their next Big Gulp and Econo-Sized quantities of Pop Tarts.

A little shame can nurse and nudge us toward sometimes desperately needed self-improvement. When I see the parade of undulating blubber in Walmart, or Costco, I see lots of shame and depression, wallowing in defeat and apathy that will lead to early death for lots of people, lots of loss for those who love them, and big and unnecessary medical bills for the rest of us to pick up.

As I disappear ever more deeply into the forest of age, some old values cling to me that younger people are rejecting. There are things I still think are worth keeping—virtues like self-discipline, a modicum of self respect, a determination to resist personal weakness and self indulgence when such traits are not serving us. As a person who took a little too long to admit a problem with alcohol before, at last, allowing shame to usher me toward sobriety, I think a little “body shaming” may be just what the doctor ordered for some people to assert a little control over their lives, their health, and the hope for better personal futures.

And yeah, I know, there are people with thyroid conditions and other anomalies, but the fat fuck brigades are mostly people who can’t get a handle on counting calories, exercise, avoiding processed food, and managing a little healthy self respect. Their obesity meets at the intersection of laziness, correctable ignorance about nutrition, stupidity, and a failure of pride. There’s lots of traffic where those thoroughfares intersect.

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  1. Robyn L. says:

    Uh, yeah, there ARE are people with thyroid conditions and other anomalies out there. Do you waste precious time deciding whether or not that’s the case, or do you just cram them in with the lazy fat fucks? Come on, be truthful……..

    How about thin people who can’t get a handle on counting calories, exercising, avoiding processed food, or managing a little healthy self respect? Oh yeah, that’s right– if it doesn’t show, it doesn’t matter. It’s okay if you’re one bowl of ramen away from a massive stroke, as long as you look good in a bikini.

    Americans love using body shaming as an excuse to be loud stupid assholes. Any sort of shaming really. It’s almost as entertaining as NASCAR or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! It takes the same kind of intelligence too.

  2. Lee Roader says:

    Of course the old crock sucker never mentioned that a majority of the obese are in fact on many different forms of government assistance and are registered democrats. Stand behind 75% of obese persons in the grocery store and watch as they use their food stamps card, buying the worst possible food choices for their health. Then they vote for the bleeding heart liberals that will continue their government dependance. So blame your very own, old crock.

    I, along with hundreds, if not thousands of Butte County residents will be heartily celebrating the firing of old crock Jaime O’neill.
    We all applauded the decisions of the paradise post when they shortened your stories, revoked your commenting on articles, and then hid your bullshit on the back pages.

    Remember this, old crock- as your waning popularity and “employment” as a “writer” all slips away, sometimes you mess with, name call, and insult the wrong people, and it comes crashing back on you hundredfold.

    Ain’t Karma a bitch?

  3. C.G. says:

    Last column?

    Good fucking riddance. Now you’ll have to go back to getting drunk and beating your wife?

  4. Chump Change Chuck says:

    Eat shit GAYmie O’KNEEL. The world has had enough of your psychosis. Burn in hell with the rest of the spawn of satan.

  5. Dan Howar says:

    Last article here written by the “Cowardly Lyin.”

    Maybe a few years of anger management classes and some anti-psychotic medications could bring you back to normal, O’Neill. Maybe.

  6. Overweight Ed says:

    You son of a bitch. You hateful bastard. You piece of shit.
    I am clinically obese due to a medical condition I got from agent orange while fighting in Viet Nam for this country, fighting for your freedom.

    I sincerely hope that you become afflicted with a slow painfully debilitating deadly disease that has no cure.
    Damn you to hell.

  7. Dan says:


    kiss my big fat ass

  8. gibbs says:

    Hey Jaime…..


  9. Red Dog says:

    Let me get this straight—- you are screaming raging hate-filled expletives at people you don’t even know and have done nothing to harm you personally, yet you have made a career out of condemning “right wingers” and “tea partiers” by saying that they are “intolerant”, “judgemental”, “profiling”, and “stereotyping” others!

    I would have fired you too, but only after bouncing you off a few walls first.

  10. Cutter says:

    There is an on-line petition to have Jaime Oneill removed from writing for the Paradise Post- one of the last places that are still printing his lies and hate.
    I suggest that you read and sign it.

  11. lois says:

    Demented liberal Obama voter.

  12. Don says:

    I’m not obese or overweight and am in great shape from always working out 4x a week. No matter what shape I am in, only a psycho asshole faggot would write a column like this one.

  13. Bill Okama says:

    This ignorant trash should be run outta town all the way to Haiti- there’s plenty of skinny people there.

  14. Big T says:

    I have read in various medical journals about the rage and vexation that is harbored by males that have been hopelessly rendered impotent by diabetes type 2, like Jaime O’neill. Even though it’s a “hush-hush secret” that’s forbidden to be discussed in his family, the subject has come up once or twice in “beauty shop” type settings, and is common knowledge around Magalia. This must surely be the source of his wrathful diatribes.

    1. Storm Rider says:

      It’s all over the Ridge that the asshole is a limpdick that even Viagra can’t help. His ol lady must have a big collection of vibrators.

  15. David Downs says:

    So his wife snitched around town that he has a dead pecker? I find that very funny. No wonder he’s so pisst off.

    Poor stupid Old Crock
    he thinks he’s smart as Spock
    of bullshit he does talk
    but cant walk the walk

    Poor stupid old Crock
    dumbest asshole on the block
    even dumber than a rock
    and he’s got a dead cock.

  16. John Mullins says:

    GREAT news, everyone-

    It appears that Jaime has also been officially CANNED by the Paradise Post as of 08-17-14.

    Maybe someday he’ll figure out that insulting and messing with the wrong people will come back to kick his ass.

    Hey Jaime, this is for YOU: