What Has Been, and What Shall Surely Be

My Birthday is always on the Winter Solstice (Every year! Weird, right?), and being so close to the Gregorian calendar change-over, I treat it as my personal New Year’s Day. Especially because people have always given me joint Christmas/Birthday gifts, and I feel less ripped off if I think of it as a non-gift holiday to begin with. This is a time for summing up the changes in my life, making promises and predictions, and talking myself into the idea that aging is awesome and I love it.

This year really was a big one. 35 was the year I opened up to my parents about all the weird secrets I’d been keeping, the year my mom got sick with cancer and died while I held her hand in mine, the year I reconnected with long lost brothers and cousins, the year my little brother got married, the year Dain dropped to one knee and asked me to spend my life with him, right next to the cat box in the hallway. 35 was the year I started working at the Synthesis, and became Managing Editor. 35 was the year I came to accept that I can’t do anything about that wrinkle between my eyebrows no matter how much I moisturize, and it’s just the price I have to pay for the crimes of my Viking ancestors.

I don’t usually do a whole diet/weight loss resolution thing; not to brag, but I’ve got a pretty rockin’ body (also I’m hella smart and good looking). I am, however, about to start doing a crazy hardcore strength training thing with Sarah Fragoso at her new gym, J&S Strength and Conditioning, because I think it would be awesome to start sharking people in arm wrestling contests. And while I’m at it, I’m going to have to get back into eating Paleo, because she’ll just KNOW.

My real resolutions are more on the social end: I don’t see enough of my friends now that I only-ever work, which means I get a little burnt out, so I want to get them to come over and research the calendar for me while I drink wine and absorb their life force. Here’s to the year of 36 A.A. (Anno Amynni), and becoming a super buff energy vampire!

Managing Editor for Synthesis Weekly. Amy likes to make clothes, plant flowers, and chase butterflies.