Sexytimes: Tweed Edition

Today I will not be talking about sex, or having sex, or what happens when this leaks, or that burns, or what to do when a ‘friend’ gets whateverthefuck stuck in a body cavity. Nope. Well, sort of nope.

I took part in last Sunday’s Tweed Ride and it was nothing short of amazing. For a few hours there were hundreds of fine humans of all ages looking proper as hell and behaving in a civil and genteel manner. I noticed the most change of character in the men. Perhaps it is because women are more used to dressing up and wearing finer things than are most men. That’s a damn shame. Clothes CAN in fact “make the man” and it was visible during the Tweed Ride. Men took pride in looking sharp and I’d wager that many others also admired these fella’s newfound looks. So it is really to the men I direct my message this week.

As the Holidays are in full swing, you will no doubt be visiting and mingling with family and friends. It is a time of seeing and being seen. If you look and act like your usual slovenly self, don’t be surprised if all you get for Christmas is a hangover and 15 pounds heavier. Take this time between now and the new year to really pour on the charm!

Don’t think of it as a New Year’s resolution, think of it as a fun game to close out the year. What’s the worst than can happen? You might actually land yourself some hot lovin’ plus you’ll feel really good about yourself!

Simple adjustments — like losing the shorts and T-shirts for some pants that fit and a collared shirt — are all it really takes. From thrift shops to bespoke tailored items, no matter your budget you can find a way to dial in your wardrobe. As I said, make a game out of it —

You’ll feel good, you’ll look good.

You’ll feel good for looking good and that confidence shines in a big way.

Step it up guys. Trust me.

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