Seriously, Save The Pageant


Hey! Speaking of the Pageant, there’s this other cool fundraiser: on Sunday the 15th at Duffy’s, you can catch a special encore performance of The Weir, put on by Rogue Theatre. I had the pleasure of seeing this at the Southside Playhouse a couple of weeks ago, and I can say with full conviction that it’s a great show and Duffy’s is the perfect venue.

I had no idea what to expect beforehand; it isn’t the kind of predictable story format where you basically know the score when you walk in—like a rom-com or something—and you’re just along for the ride to see how they illustrate it. The Weir is, instead, a pocket of time containing the world views and memories of a group of barflies in Ireland. The characters settle into their favorite pub, deftly escalating from idle gossip into increasingly compelling and revealing stories that suck you in further and further. You have no idea where it’s going until it gets there, but by the end I had both laughed and shed tears. I highly recommend this show, and anything put on by Rogue Theatre.

Advance tickets are $20, available at Duffy’s. Starts at 7pm

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