Seems Strange To Me

Ebola, WTF, CDC?!?

I don’t think I’ve had a decent night sleep since last Tuesday. Things are starting to get weird. Apparently a patient with Ebola may have been admitted to Kaiser in Sacramento. I’m not big into conspiracy theories, but the Ebola thing is freaking me out. It’s primarily in Africa, but now we’ve moved patients to Atlanta, Georgia. That makes no sense. If an already virulent disease becomes even more contagious, and manages to break through the constraints that, up until recently, had worked to manage the disease, then why in God’s name would we take infected patients and fly them across the world to the middle of the United States? That seems strange to me.


It seems strange to me that the police would gun down an unarmed man. Sadly it doesn’t seem that strange though, because it happens with too much frequency. The reaction of the Ferguson police, toward the citizenry protesting against a pattern of abuse and corruption—that is really strange. I’m not sure they could have reacted worse than they have done, assuming their goal is not to enrage the entire community along with heavy swaths of the country.

I suppose though when you back a mad dog into a corner it goes into attack mode. But at some point the people of Ferguson must be asking the police: “Exactly who are you protecting, and who are you serving?” I’ve heard the argument made that people need to calm down and let the powers that be sort through the evidence to arrive at a conclusion. It’s level-headed and rational sounding, but when the people have completely lost faith in the “powers that be” where does that leave them?

Serve, MF’ers! 

The police, so far as I can tell, could use a few less CYA classes and a few more “how to be a decent human being” sessions. Stop bashing protesters, shooting them with rubber bullets, and barking “STOP RESISTING!” at anybody with a pulse. We all get it, you have to cover your asses. It’s a litigious era we live in. Somewhere along the line your super-genius bosses figured out that if you pretend for the cameras that everyone is resisting arrest, then you can pretend in court that you had valid reasons for bashing people around, and you won’t find yourselves on the losing end of so many lawsuits. Hey, it’s a tough job and there are a lot of first-class idiots out there. On top of that, any one of us more or less reasonable people could get pushed over the edge and go apeshit one day. Still, if you keep widening the gap between you and us, eventually we are going to realize we don’t have all that much use for you.

On a Personal Note

My back is aflame, I can barely keep my eyes open, and my ears itch—the right a lot more than the left. Kiki the dog is whining at me, and Trish, sound asleep, has somehow rearranged the bedding so that there is no way I’m getting a comfortable and relaxing rest tonight. That’s okay, the couch beckons.


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