This Saturday the 1078 Gallery will host the second installment of Second Saturdays—a free, open arts workshop that encourages community members to experiment with a variety of artistic mediums including music, painting, and writing. As the name suggests, they are held the second Saturday of each month and will continue through September.

The event is meant to give youth an outlet to “explore artistic expression,” as Katie Fox, treasurer of 1078, puts it. Fox recalls that although Second Saturdays are a positive learning environment, they actually had a “sad beginning.” The idea to reach out to youth came after the Newtown tragedy, when it became obvious that something was missing for America’s youth. Second Saturdays are a way to fill that void.

“Youth are the minority,” Fox said, claiming that most outlets for artistic expression only cater to adults or small children. “Unless you’re involved in sports or after-school activities, there’s nothing for you to do.” 1078 especially wants to reach out to these teens without many creative outlets that are free/open to the public or provided by their schools.

This month’s installment will focus on music. Local musicians such as Joshua Hegg (Clouds on Strings, Bogg) will be present to lead activities that give aspiring artists a chance to interact with different instruments. The event coincides with the Music For Music festival happening at “The Junction” (8th and Broadway) so Fox assures any timid teens “you won’t be the only one who’s heard.”

Last month’s showcase featured a diverse array of mediums for people to experiment with. Hegg led a workshop emphasizing the different moods that can be achieved through music, Jeff Hull gave patrons writing prompts to invoke their inner Hemingway, and Maria Navarro incorporated music and movement into a drawing demonstration.

In the upcoming months, 1078 will continue to emphasize varying mediums of artistic expression like writing and performing arts. In June, photographer Andy Bloxham will make a stop from his national tour to facilitate a photography-centered Saturday, and the July installment will focus on painting.

It seems there will be something for everybody at the 1078, and that’s by design. “I hope that it grows,” Fox said, “I think it’s a really great opportunity for the community to come together and explore their artistic expression.”