I WAS going to write something long and poignant about the arrest of that “Chester” that the Chico PD caught during a fortuitous routine stop, but everybody else is writing about it and I’ve been a little disappointed in some of the public responses criticizing the PoPo. The Chico PD actually put their lives on the line every day and they do care about the community because it’s their community, too. I’m heebed out by the little bits of information that leak out to the press; can you imagine what it must be like to know all the things that the cops know? Ew! Gross, terrifying, depressing, human beings ultimately suck…those are all things I have said, and I don’t know the half of the half of it. The fact is, we had a recession and Police resources along with everything else had to be downsized. Anyway, thanks Chico PD, I hope you get some more resources soon so that you can catch more bad guys.

Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party because a
Liz Lemon party is mandatory 

“Hey, nerds! Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi.” 30 Rock is over after seven years, and that means saying goodbye to one of my all-time favorite television characters. I fancy myself to be like the Liz Lemon of the Synthesis. At work, I’m handling business every week in my own unique and quirky way. Having heart-to-heart chats with Bill about how it seems like everybody breaks down and roasts crack rocks whenever I’m out of the office. And Bill saying stuff like, “”Never go with a hippie to a second location.” I’m wrangling a team of writers trying to put out a paper every week. Nolan doesn’t wear ironic trucker hats though…yet. 

At home, I like to have a few glasses of wine and curl up on the couch and get to workin’ on my night cheese. And you know, I think I’m going to save the last episode in my Hulu queue until I can find the Chico equivalent of a teamster sub to eat while I’m watching it. I’m going to miss Liz Lemon and being able to identify with her quest to have it all – family, career, so much food, and no jury duty. Blerg, I’m going to cry a little out my mouth. Remember everything we’ve learned from 30 Rock: “Live every week like it’s shark week.”

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