How To Have A Revolution

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Here’s the news, children: Anyone who is not already a revolutionary is either stupid or evil. Revolution in this context means refusing to participate in violence, and insisting on the laws and traditions of the United States of America. Blowing shit up and killing people is stupid; it’s their game, for one thing. Also, we don’t make things better by making things worse; we make things better by making things better. (Duh.)

“Power to the people” is a stupid slogan. The people have all the power they need. Economic power is political power; therefore, economic behavior is political behavior. If The People weren’t intellectually and morally bankrupt, they would refuse to give their money to the corporate thugs and perverts who run this nation and power would flow in channels more consonant with individual liberty, the true long-term welfare of the nation, and (for instance) what Jesus actually said (since we hear all this noise about this being a Christian nation). When we shut off the noises coming out of the mouths of money-grubbers and look at actions and results—the only things that matter, ever,
for any reason—we see that this is a nation of mass murderers, torturers, slave-owners, thieves, and enemies of Government By the People.

Let’s set aside the genocide that gave us whiteys North America, and the centuries of slavery that built the foundations of our economy, and look at our lifetimes: From Vietnam to Iraq, the U.S. has caused the violent deaths of at least five…million…men, women, and children—solid numbers from the best sources. Other people did that; we said bad things about ‘em. We have physically destroyed other people’s homelands, overthrown legitimate, popular governments, and supported the worst “leaders” in the world as long as they allowed American money-grubbers to steal everything not nailed down and destroy the rest. Our motto shouldn’t be “E Pluribus Unum,” but “Kill ‘Em and Take Their Stuff.”

Our crimes against humanity are not limited to foreign countries. We are currently hearing that about as many soldiers who died in Vietnam—roughly 58,000—came home, after being forced to take part in one of the great crimes against humanity of the entire 20th century, and committed suicide. That immense suffering and death is on the consciences of Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger, McNamara… But why should they care, among so many millions? Then there is big pharma, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and the auto industry, which kill their customers—all for the money. (It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!)

Here’s your advice for the day, suckahs: Spending our money is the most powerful political act in our lives. We know that automakers, oil companies, banks, finance companies, and insurance companies (for instance) are Not Our Friends (or we certainly should know). When we give them our
money we assume personal and individual responsibility for mass murder, torture, slavery, and the destruction of the living world and of Government By the People. Conversely, when we give it to our neighbors whom we know to be good people and good citizens, we help build our neighborhoods and our country in desirable directions. If we live in the TeeVee fantasy, we spend our lives for no better purpose than to make our owners and masters richer. We can do better.

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