Murder She Wrote

Creator: Peter S. Fischer

by Amy Olson

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Murder, She Wrote

This circa-1984 crime drama, or “crim dram” as we in the “biz” call it, is possibly the most important piece of television you’ll ever see. What would you do if everywhere you went, week after week, city after city, somebody was murdered? And worse, unfailingly, someone close to you was accused of that murder and had no alibi. You’d freak out, right? The nightmare scenario I just described is stone-cold reality for widow and mystery maven, Jessica Fletcher. While people drop like Visine and accusations fly, Jessica never for a moment loses her shit. On the contrary, she faces every irate police detective and hysterical mistress with ultimate class as she gathers clues and trips up the culprits. Peppered with the vaguely familiar faces of every actor who ever worked in the ‘80s, and featuring a priceless crossover episode with the immortal Magnum P.I., this Netflix-streamable series is available 24/7 for your viewing pleasure and betterment as a human being.


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