Respect The Van



I don’t generally do CD reviews because I pretty much only listen to holiday music. It’s my favorite kind of music, and this is the time of year that I really ramp it up in that department. But because I have a rule, “No Holiday Music Until the Day After Thanksgiving,” I agreed to listen to this CD and review it. So, with that in mind, this is my review:

I think The Brothers Comatose are the reincarnated soul of an old hillbilly from Arkansas that was born inside a broken-down banjo. There’s fiddling and banjoing and I’m pretty sure there’s a guy blowing into a giant jug. You know how Disneyland used to have the Country Bear Jamboree? Respect the Van definitely brought me back to those summer days as a 7-year-old, kicking down some dance moves in Frontierland like nobody was watching, just feeling the vibe, hoeing-down with some animatronic bears. I don’t know about all the technical musical stuff, but I was dancing in my car as I listened, and singing along to all the places they repeat themselves as if I knew the words and had been listening to this CD forever. Also, Nicki Bluhm makes a guest appearance! I could listen to her read a grocery list.

So, from what I can tell, Respect the Van is quintessential ProgAmericana, and this is an excellent CD for getting in the mood for holiday music.

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