Regarding Your Beliefs

Your beliefs structure your reality. If you believe in your own health, your body will enjoy great vitality and resilience. If you believe certain foods cause cancer, eating those foods will indeed cause your body to create cancer cells.

Contrary to what you may have been taught, reality originates within yourself and radiates outward. In this way you help form our mass shared reality. This near-magical process of creating and perceiving a five-sense-oriented world is always structured by beliefs—those of individuals, and those of humans as a race.

If you see an aspect of your life that is undesirable, and you wish it to change, then you must do the inner work of examining your beliefs concerning that subject.

What do you really think about yourself? About the world in general? About humanity? The answers to these questions become obvious if you pay attention to your inner dialogue. Open yourself to the idea that things you take as basic facts of life could actually be beliefs about life. Your belief attracts the evidence that supports it; your belief simultaneously throws away just-as-valid evidence that refutes it.

Now, your body represents your most intimate reflection of your personal beliefs. A belief in your own personal worth lends itself to ideas of bodily health. Such a mindset sends positive messages of vitality through your organs and cells, further supporting the amazing immune system that’s already built-in.

Without the knowledge that you create your reality from the inside out, you will find yourself constantly reacting to perceived threats to your well-being. Catching a cold requires you to find the right store-bought remedy. Coming down with more serious ailments forces you to see a doctor, and to acquiesce to whatever solution your doctor presents. It will seem that these unfortunate things are happening to you, certainly with no conscious cooperation on your part. However, an examination of your day-to-day thoughts will reveal that these events fit in perfectly with your beliefs about reality.

Continuing with the example: buying a special microchip to protect you from your cell phone’s radiation may seem like a well-intentioned decision. It can also be a statement of powerlessness—a surrender to the belief that harmful forces permeate our world, and must be warded against. Such a mindset will undermine your body’s ability to naturally correct imbalances.

How do you correct beliefs that are limiting you? A belief is nothing more than a thought, repeated. Creating effective change in your life is as simple as growing a house plant. Choose a new statement that’s supportive of the new belief you’d like to experience, and repeat it to yourself for five minutes. You can do this every one or two days, just like you would water a plant. For a while, nothing may seem to improve… but keep faith! Follow this procedure with some regularity, and you will soon see the young sprouts of change.

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Howl was born in the wastes north of Hithlum, where only beasts and witches dare roam. He was raised by two old hags, Tabby and Wiles, who had an unhealthy fascination towards the literary arts. Howl now resides in a well-furnished cave off South Rim Trail, complete with an old iBook and Wi-Fi.