What, Me Racist?


That Chico cop who got outed by a city councilman because he’d posted stuff on his Facebook page that led some people to believe he was a not-so-closeted racist caused quite a dust up, with opinions being generated as far away as the editorial page of the Paradise Post where the notion was that we shouldn’t speculate about racism just because a guy disagrees with a president by making offensively stereotypical references to that president’s race. Some people thought the city councilman who made that cop’s views more public than they already were was endangering all the cops in Chico, and throughout the world.

Now, I can’t say whether or not this particular cop is a racist, but I do know that if I were a black guy driving a car with an Obama bumper sticker, I’d doubt I was about to get let off with a warning for whatever reason I’d been stopped. Hell, I might even think I’d been stopped because of a) that bumper sticker, and b) my pigmentation.

But even as a Caucasian fellow, I couldn’t help remembering the long ago days when I had long hair, when I and all similarly hirsute guys were derided as peaceniks, hippies, and Godless un-American commie scumbags by far too many members of the gendarmerie. Wearing a peace symbol patch on your jacket, or a tie-dyed shirt could prompt a stop-and-frisk, and lots of us used to get mighty nervous when we were traveling in the boonies and found a local cop on our tail.

Once, up in Oregon, on a rainy night, I watched from a diner as a couple of police officers pulled up beside a hippie kid who was trying to catch a ride. They made him unroll his sleeping bag and empty his backpack, making sure all his stuff was out in the rain until everything was thoroughly soaked through. Then, satisfied that the kid was in for a damp and dreary night in a wet bag somewhere, they cut him loose and came over to the diner, laughing about the shitty trick they’d pulled on some other man’s son. I was fairly uneasy when they looked my way, and their smiles hardened into frowns.

I didn’t get busted that night, but I came to know the suspicion that can come with fitting a profile cops don’t like.

So, that Chico cop who hates Obama just isn’t a guy I think might be really evenhanded in how he administers justice, dispenses suspicions, or acts out his prejudices. I could be wrong, of course, but if I was a black guy or a homeless guy walking the street some dark night in Chico, I’d be at least a mite more uneasy when this guy showed up than I would be if I was white, well fed, well heeled, and Republican.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Micah J. says:

    Talk about racism, what ignorance from a faux progressive.

  2. A. Pistoffreader says:

    ANOTHER shitty article by this idiot. They just keep getting worse.