Rachel Goes To College


I’m a Southern California girl and a recent high school graduate, thoroughly enjoying my last few days of summer here in Chico while visiting my cousin, the Managing Editor of the Synthesis. She was kind enough to let me write a little something to express my thoughts before I whisk off to college and leave my childhood days behind.

First off, I don’t like change—I don’t do well with it and from what I’ve heard, I’m not alone in this, which is good to know. I mean, most young adults are a little uneasy at the idea of their everyday lives changing completely, by entering into a monumental transition that represents the entirety of their new adult responsibilities.

In my personal state of uneasiness for the future, there’s a song that I cannot stop listening to. It’s called “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. I’m obsessed because every lyric seems to resonate with me and how I’m feeling during this transitional time in my life. “So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older” is a line in the song that almost brings me to tears in my state of vulnerability. I don’t feel wise and I don’t feel old; I feel young and dumb. I would love to be woken up after someone’s made all the important decisions for me.

I can’t seem to elaborate much on the feeling of anticipation for college except that I don’t know what to expect, and the only thing keeping me from not having a nervous breakdown is to just expect the unexpected. It’s all I can do.

I can only wonder what day-to-day life will be like on campus. From what I’ve heard, college professors don’t care if they’re lecturing to a sleepy class full of texters and gum chewers. Afterall, it is your money and effort that’s being wasted, not theirs. For instance—if you receive a phone call from your cousin in Wisconsin, feel free to take it outside and chat; no one cares.

I’m the kind of person who needs structure. I need consequences, or else I may stray. So, having the option to sleep in on a day I have a morning class, when I went to bed at 3 the night before, sounds like a beautiful thing. Only problem is, academic probation will be calling my name and there goes my future… so there’s always that. A positive thing about college that struck me, relates specificalIy to the socially-awkward in high school. I’m excited to see if it’s true that college is a social haven. Robert Frost spoke the words, “College is a refuge from hasty judgement.” So have no fear; if you hated high school because you didn’t have friends that understood you, chances are in college you will probably meet a group of your soulmates.

Despite my anxieties, college is my debut to the world—it’s a coming-out party into society, and I am excited. I should be; after all, I worked hard to get where I am. Instead of wanting to be woken up after it’s over, I’m going to enjoy every moment (even the hard parts) and remind myself that this is just the beginning.


by Rachel Calvosa

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