Psychic Predictions 2013

I feel like there’s going to be more grassrootsy kind of businesses, more people doing things from their homes, people getting together and doing things communally like a business. This is the other side of the coin.


When I walked into the office of Margaret VanLaanMartin and the Age of Aquarius, I was half hoping she would be wearing a turban and gazing into a crystal ball with her good eye. But alas, she looked a lot like my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Eichelberger. Margaret is a psychic and a medium with over 30 years of experience. She is also an Egyptophile, astrologer, and Reiki master teacher. You can follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter where she offers daily readings from her vlog. Margaret was kind enough to sit down and answer my burning questions about 2013 and give us some predictions about hot topics and local issues.

Gun Control

Will there be any changes? Will there be more tragedy? What can we hope for in the way of compromise?

I feel like there’s going to be a federal law that will affect all states equally. It will be watered down. It’s going to make a difference in purchasing assault weapons and ammunition. I feel like future sales will be affected and ammunition will be affected by amount and type. I feel the effect of the outcries…we’re nowhere near finished with groups of people dying in mass situations because it makes such a large statement. We’re all grieving equally, but we can’t seem to speak to each other because both sides are coming from fear. It feels impossible to bridge the gap. Neither side wants more tragedy. But I feel like a law will be forced, rather than compromised upon, that will make nobody happy and that will feel watered down.

Women’s Issues

Will we end the battle for equality once and for all?

I, like you, wish there would be total equality. And, as much as I want that, it’s not coming. I don’t see a step back. Unfortunately, it just looks like we’re going to keep being paid less and working harder. The same thing we’ve seen
in 2012.


Right out of the gate, what do you think Obama will do? Will we resolve our financial crisis? Will we mint more money?

No, we’re going to continue limping along this year. Literally, I’m being shown somebody limping.

The Environment

The climate change debate is ratcheting up again, natural disasters are kicking our ass. Will we get a break?

The ice caps are melting. Animals are starving. I see more tsunamis, more hurricanes more earthquakes, even volcanoes…it’s interesting. 2013 is going to be an easier year for most people. It’ll be quieter, it won’t hurt so much…but we have to be prepared to help out. I see more natural disasters.


What does 2013 look like for the LGBT community?

I can give you positive news. More acceptance. Some people are going to very, very uncomfortable with it, but I see much more acceptance because I see more people joining the LGBT community, coming out, and joining together. When you have enough of something it becomes normal. It is normal. There will be more bravery.

Chico State

Chico State has been catching a lot of criticism lately; will they work out the issues? 

I see that shutting down the Greek System was the right thing to do, the right action to take at that time, but unfortunately it’s not going to make a diddly bit of difference. There’s something going on right now…something about people being mean to each other. Even though 2013 is going to be an easier time for most of us, the meanness is still there. There is an energetic change that’s happening but people who are experiencing change without any other outlets will be mean.



What’s in store for our awesome little town?

I feel like there’s going to be more grassrootsy kind of businesses, more people doing things from their homes, people getting together and doing things communally like a business. This is the other side of the coin. Like the women who started that mobile food, paleo diet thing? It’s going to be things like that that will be super successful. Really small start-ups. And a lot more demand for local producers…not so we can be nuclear, but so we can then help people that might be suffering elsewhere. And we have the ability…stuff grows here. People want to support local producers. I definitely see more of that and it’s terribly exciting.

What about the Synthesis?

I see Synthesis having a broader audience…online. I don’t see much of a change in the physical paper, but I feel like there’s going to be additions…I’m seeing pieces put in, that would be all done online. Blogs? Easier integration, easy to go to, I see it as becoming hugely popular.

Pop Culture

Is Kate Middleton having a boy or a girl?

I get that it’s going to be a boy.



Mainstream extraterrestrial activity?

Yes, definitely.


Steve Jobs’ spirit told one of my students not to buy the iPhone 5. The 6 is going to be the one. It’ll be much better, wait for it.

Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend?

I see her with some unknown cowboy type. Brown hair, slender, 5’10″-6ft, slightly older.

If you want to know more, or have burning questions of your own, please join Margaret for her annual Prediction Party! There is a $20 charge for this event as each member of the audience will be allowed one personal question to be answered by the team of psychics. There will be food and drink and mystical magic happening! What a fascinating way to start a new year. The party starts at 6PM at the Age of Aquarius, 852 Manzanita Court, Suite 155 (office complex behind the Holiday Inn). For further information or to reserve your seat for this event, please call Margaret at 530-520-1900 or find her on Facebook at

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